Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Grand Events and Announcements!!!

August 1st is here and that means a lot of fun things this month, starting today!

Moonglade Elite Authors celebrates the start of an exciting 31 days where books are given away daily and you can win an amazing gift basket filled with sexy, sensual goodies! Tonight we have our first chat with the talented ladies of and behind Moonglade at 8pm EST. Just go to our site and click on Chat with us. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter and post on our blogs to be entered for prizes! You won't want to miss all the great fun we have in store for you!

Moonglade Elite Authors Gift Basket Includes:

A set of Ben-wah balls
An assortment of flavored oils
An assortment of small surprise packages
Three bottles of KY scented massage oil
Michael Buble CD - he's so delicious!
The Guide to Laughing and Sex
Exquisite charm bracelet handmade by Liddy Midnight as well as some gorgeous charms
A pink vibrator!!!
Non piercing belly ring to impress your man with
Naked men deck of cards
Passion Kit includes a mask and a feather and 32 page book to spark your creavitity
Spinning sex toy with suggestive suggestions
Love Potion note pad
32 page book to spark creativity!
Fetish Dice
Desire Kit, which contains a small bottle of sensual massage oil, 2
mood candles, a sexy dice game, and a tell-all book
52 Weeks of Romance box

Also, thank you to those who visited me yesterday on my Moonglade Elite Authors Blog day. I had great fun and gave away 2 copies of my new release Egyptian Cotton

Speaking of which, how would you like to slip between sheets of Egyptian Cotton? My contemporary shifter book is now available at Mardi Gras Publishing. Be sure to stop by the Mardi Gras Publishing Loop as we celebrate its Grand Opening! For those who entered my Catch the Beads Contest I'll be announcing winners today! Join us for fun, prizes, beads, and great books!

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So come join in the fun today and who knows, maybe you'll end up a winner! Tossin' confetti!!!

~Ann Cory


Stacy Dawn said...

On my way...

Zinnia said...

Thanks for signing up for my group!!!

Wow, how do you keep up with all those blogs on your profile, lol.

Ann Cory said...

You're such a party girl...lovin it!!! :) *BG*

Ann Cory said...

Hey it's the beautiful Zinnia herself! Gotta keep up to date with what's going on with you before you get too famous!!

Ummm - I do drive bys throughout the week, lol. I figure, I'm pretty anti-social, so I could stand to get around more ;)

Ali said...

Congratulations on today's release, Ann! Whoo-hoo! You are just one busy lady today, aren't you :-)

Ann Cory said...

Waving hi to Ali :) I think in my next life I'm going to be a cat. I look at mine and they just have it too easy, lol

Liddy Midnight said...

My goodness, you write a lot! Between your blog and your books, I swear, you must have figured a way to hook the PC up directly to your brain. :peering suspiciously at the back of Ann's head: Are you wired? LOL

Those earrings are GORGEOUS! Where did you find them? I want some! Sparkly! I want some! Shiny! I want some! Paranormal!


Ann Cory said...

Hey miss Liddy :) Good to see you popping your lovely head in! Hmmm, PC connected to my brain...interesting, very interesting....I may have to look into that, lol.
Aren't they cool!! They went right with my cover. I got them from a great little place close to where I live called Universe Soul I'll send the website addy to ya :)

Have a productive day hon!