Monday, August 21, 2006

Sex at the Zoo and MEA blog day

I am having a heck of a time waking up today! We had a very busy and fun-filled weekend and today I feel like I've been run over by a bus a couple hundred times. Damn this getting old stuff. It was very warm all weekend, but I didn't mind too much, especially with a working air conditioner in our new car *BG* What a smooth ride!

Saturday we spent pretty much the whole day at the zoo with my brother. They had the new cougar crossing and ocelot exhibits up, which opened up the area that was closed off the last time we went in June, and that meant seeing the beavers and Bald Eagles. The ocelot was GORGEOUS!!

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We enjoyed the bird show, had lunch, and walked until we wanted to collapse. We also had the privilege of watching a baboon go at it with 5 of his lady baboons. It was wild, lol. Some other cool animals we got to see included:
a tree kangaraoo

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the Amur Tiger

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and the bright colored Lorikeets! We bought little nectar cups and they will rest on your hand or arm to drink!

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Of course my favorite was going through the butterfly tent.

Sunday we did the school clothes shopping for my son thing. It went surprisingly smooth. We gave our feet a rest at the theater and watched Talladega Nights. It was okay, had a few funny parts, but not near as funny as I'd hoped. I also didn't see a single preview of anything I was interested in.

Don't forget to join me today at the Moonglade Elite Authors Blog where I'll be blogging of and on throughout the day! As always I'll post up some fun stuff, excerpts, jokes, pics, and I just might give away a goodie or two! So come say hi :)

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Also, it's day 21 of our grand opening month and today's book giveaway is a downloadable copy of my book Mask of the Matador

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While you're at the Moonglade Elite Authors Site be sure to sign up for the newsletter and the new Birthday Club! Details are on the homepage :)

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I was pleased as punch to receive a couple nice reviews for Breaking in Levi:

Highly Recommended from Joyfully Reviewed, Reviewer Shannon
"A great read, with two strong characters looking for a chance at life. I found Breaking in Levi to be a quick read, but a very satisfying one. Recommended for anyone looking for a bad boy to have a little fun with!

Full Review Here

High Accolades from Sensual Reads and Reviews - Siobhan Kataen

"The story is short but engaging. Ann Cory is very descriptive, you can picture the grungy rest area it pulls you right into the story and doesn’t let you go. The characters are surprisingly well developed for a novella and the sex is scorching. Levi stole my heart. He rides a Harley, makes a girl dinner, and cleans the dishes afterward, definitely a man and a story worth keeping. I look forward to reading more of her work."
Read full review Here

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I'll leave you now with the question of the day: If your best friend said she was going to set you up on a blind date with one of five guys below, which one would you pick and why?
1) A pirate 2) A prince 3) A vampire 4) The lead singer of a hot rock and roll band 5) A cowboy


Zinnia said...

I recall reading a review at Wild Child Publishing about this one.

Love that tropical bird. What amazing colors!

Monica M. Martin said...

Just popping in to say hello. Love those pictures. :)

Have yourself a productive week, hun!

Hugs, M.

Jenn on the Island said...

Well, definitely not a cowboy. I can't stand country misic.

As hot as Sebastian Bach is, I think most lead singers are too much of the diva for me to tolerate.

Vampires are fun as long as it's not in romance. The whole blood sucking thing is a total turn off for me.

So that leaves a Prince or a Pirate.

As much as I miss being on a sail boat I think I'm going to opt for the Prince. I want to sleep on a bed of furs, eat exotic foods, and bathe in marble tubs big enough to host a dinner party.

Great question!

Have a kick-ass week!

Cora Zane said...

Lovely pictures, Ann. The tiger is amazing! As for the men. Make mine fangs. Erm. A vampire--as long as he doesn't get too bitey on the first date. ;-)

Tempest Knight said...

That pic of the tiger is great! I luv tigers! Oh that other big pussycat there, the ocelot mix - oh my... I want to take it home with me. :)

Karen Erickson said...

You know, I would take the rock star. As long as he wore a condom, cos they dip their sticks a little much, ya know? LOLOL

Rachel Carrington said...

Okay, first, the pictures are beautiful. Nothing like seeing a little hot monkey sex, too. Everytime I go to the zoo, all the monkeys are going at it. The Orangutans just moon me.

As for who I'd pick on a blind date...a vampire, but only if he looked like Angel or Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Otherwise, I'd go with a Prince as long as his last name wasn't charming. Why? I don't know any man who can actually live up to that last name every hour of every day. Egads!

Sara Dennis said...

The cowboy. I'd pick the cowboy. I like a man in tight jeans and broke-in boots. I like drawls and long legs and I don't mind callused hands. Yes, please. :)

Ann Cory said...

Hi Zinnia :) Aren't they beautiful! They have a sweet song, and bit of a loud screech - but I had a cup of nectar in my hand and one swooped down and landed on my hand to drink front it.

It was a neat experience :)

Ann Cory said...

Hi Monica :) I've missed you sweetie!!! I know you're busy busy busy, but it's so wonderful to hear from you!


Ann Cory said...

A prince and all the luxurious would be pretty damn cool, that is for sure :) lol.

Ann Cory said...

Hi Cora :) Aren't they awesome pics, so bright and colorful :) The zoo here is amazing and they take excellent care of their animals.

Fangs for Cora - I'll keep my eyes open for one!!! :)

Ann Cory said...

Tempest - I fell in love with that Ocelot too! It's adorable - and such a sweet face! I wanted to take it home as well. Such striking features!

Ann Cory said...

Lol @ Karen - yes - gotta have safe sex. Have you seen some of those groupies - they freak me out! No telling what they've got *shudders*

Safe sex hottie for you, coming right up!

Ann Cory said...

Hi Rachel :) Oh man that baboon and his harem - he was just grabbing one, going at it, grabbing another, going at it - I've never seen anything like it, lol.

Mmmm, I agree - a vampire who looked like Angel would be hot!

Thanks for stopping by hon!! *hugs*

Ann Cory said...

Lol, okay Sara - tight jeans - got it :) I'm holding some auditions and I told the guys to just wear tight jeans!