Monday, August 07, 2006

Summer Heat 3, MEA blogging, and staying cool!

Summer Heat 3 is now available from Midnight Showcase in both print and ebook format, and includes my story Balls in her Court.

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Blurb: On the court, Misty is a fierce competitor. Off the courts, she worries about whatever everything else thinks and wants. Her routine life takes a sudden fumble when Clay Monnaco steps on the court. His laid back ways and caring nature clash with her independent ways.

When Misty spies on Clay in the locker room, the heat gets turned up. Soon tennis and love equal a perfect match.

Other authors include Bridget Midway, Kristy McCaffrey, Lynne den Hartog, Bridghid Parkinson, Skylar Sinclair, and Herbert Grosshans. So pick up a copy today!

Today is my blog day over at Moonglade Elite Authors Blog where I'll be posting up a hottie, excerpts, news, jokes, fun stuff, and more! Congratulations to Foxyllady for winning yesterday's Book of the Day - Breaking in Levi! For today's prize, we'll be giving away a copy of With Love from Sam by Dawn Rachel Carrington. I also wanted to thank everyone who joined us in our chats over the weekend, we had a great time and sure loved having you!

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I am pleased to announce my story Drinyian was just accepted by Forbidden Publications! I'll post some more about it later in the week. ML Benton will be working on my cover, so I'm super excited :)

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This weekend we went shopping for a car. The only problem is, it was bloody hot and our AC doesn't work. Once we got home I plopped myself in front of a fan and guzzled down several bottles of water. Gah! I didn't feel too good in the evening. I may like to write heated scenes, but I don't like the heat in a car on a humid day. We did find one car we liked, but we've only just begun.

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Question of the day - What is your hands down all time favorite - couldn't possibly live without - movie ever?

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I'm still working the chat circuit and will be at Romance Junkies tonight from 9pm to 10pm with a few other Samhain authors. Would love it if you stopped in!

My next new book up is Night of the Nogitsune from Silk's Vault, with I believe, an August 12th release date.


Sexy werefox Shasta, otherwise known as a Nogitsune, is about to obtain her ninth tail, a coveted prize among her species. If she succeeds, she will be the second Nogitsune in history to do so and will rule over all others. Tortured by a violent path, vengeful spirits, and an insatiable appetite for sex, she finds herself always on the run.

Believing six men from their village to be dead, a group of men ban together to find the Nogitsune and destroy her before she can harm another soul, especially Thomas, the leader, who has a score to settle with the cunning kind. Del, a kind-hearted man, is the exception to the others and sees something else in the sometimes fox, sometimes woman. He sees a woman torn apart and in need of a real man.

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So, that movie Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby actually looks funny. Did anyone go see it? I think we're going to try for it next weekend. I like Will Ferrell - usually. I don't know, but the trailer looked fun.

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My new, super improved newsletter should be coming out later today. If you haven't signed up yet, I have a new way to subscribe: Go to my Homepage and you'll find the subscriber button there. It's my biggest issue yet as a thank you to all the members.

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My TO DO list for today is a bit intimidating and overwhelming, so I better get a move on. If you have time, blog with me at MEA today and join me this evening at RJ :)

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Emery said...

Congrats Ann ! I will be looking forward to reading your story. Sounds like a tempting read.


Monica M. Martin said...

I just can't keep up with you!Congratulations, honey!

Cheers, :)

Ann Cory said...

Thank you Emery, and thanks so much for stopping by hon!!! *hugs*

Ann Cory said...

ah, the divine miss M :) You are a doll for stopping by MEA!

I know you're a busy babe, but it sure is nice to see you!

Hope you got in some YOU time this weekend :)

Ali said...

Wow, Ann, you had a lot to say ;-) Congrats on your next release and your acceptance of Drinyian! I hope to see you at tonights chat :-)
I did go see the movie, and it was pretty funny. Not laugh out loud hilarious, but good all around ;-)
Right now, my favorite movie to watch over and over is, suprisingly, RENT. I think maybe because I can sing along with it, lol :-) I'm sure in a while it'll change. I still do love watching Pride and Prejudice, or Love Actually, or Wedding Planner, or Notting Hill, or Two Weeks Notice, know, I think I'm going to re-watch some movies tonight :-)

Ann Cory said...

Hi Ali :) You know, I threw that question out there and don't even have an answer myself! Oh I looooove Love Actually - brilliant movie.

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed Talladega Nights - it just looks like a lot of fun :)

Thanks for passing by hon!! :)

Stacy Dawn said...

While You Were Sleeping. One of my absolute favorite movies!

Busy lady, you should give out time management advice--I'd love to know how you do it all.

Ann Cory said...

OH gosh, I'm terrible with time - it keeps getting away from me! I need a time stopper, lol.

I haven't watched that movie in ages Stacy!!! I've got to rent that again!


Lyric said...

Congrats on the acceptance and new release. You are one busy lady. But I'm sure you like that. :-)

Ann Cory said...

Hey sweet Lyric :) I admit I like staying productive, lol, but even I need more time to play once in awhile, so I come here!

*hugs to you sweetie*

Dena said...

Congrats on the new release Ann. I haven't seen Will's movie yet,but I think he is so funny.I have a few favorite all time movies;Grease from my early teens,Dirty Dancing,5th Element and 6 Days 7 nights are movies I can watch over and over and have,lol.

Ann Cory said...

Hi Dena, and thanks :) Ah, Grease. My friends and I used to act out Grease all the time when we got together. Thought we were so cool being the Pink Ladies, lol.

I admit, I'm still mesmerized by it when it's on.

I'm glad you mentioned it. Hmm, now I'm going to be singing Summer Nights ;)

Jan Springer said...

Hi Ann!

Wowsa you sure have alot of neat news! Okay my fav movie I could do without? Witness with Harrison Ford pops into my mind.

I absolutely love that movie...Amish woman and tough city cop fall in love but part at the end of the movie...wish they would have a follow up sequel. ;-)


Ann Cory said...

Waving hi to the ultra sexy Jan!!

I can't believe how long it has been since I've watched Witness! I've started a big list of "must rent soon" movies, and this one is going on it too :)

Ah yes, busy bee, and then Mama MEA's to do lists - *silent scream* LOL Thanks for popping by hon!

Loretta said...

Hi Ann, I waiting to the movie with Will Ferris to come out on DVD and then renting it to watch. Cost to much to go to the movies. lol Love your blog site.

Anonymous said...

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