Thursday, August 17, 2006

FAR and Away

I'm sorry I haven't been as social this week - I think I exhausted myself the last couple of weeks between promos, edits, and chats, lol. I'm trying to listen to the doctor(this is new for me) and take it a little easier on myself. Currently I'm working on the second edits of Under a Warlock's Spell, a couple stories, and going through the galley for the printed version of Melting Iron, which will be availalbe October 17th! Yay, that is my birthday month, so it's even more exciting :)

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Today I'll be chatting it up about Melting Iron and Under a Warlock's Spell at the Samhain Authors chat going on at FAR today. I'll be popping in somewhere between 5 and 7pmEST if you'd like to join me.

Summer Heat 3 is now up at Fictionwise. The digest includes 7 sizzling stories along with my story Balls in her Court.

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The 1st issue of our Moonglade Elite Author's newsletter is ready and will be going out. Sign up if you haven't already!

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Blog with us and become a newsletter member to be automatically entered to win books and maybe even a basket filled with hot stuff!

There are all sorts of goodies coming from MEA, so be sure to visit our site. Today's book-a-day giveaway book is my book Arcadia.

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I'm jamming out to Pat Benatar's Invincible. I remember when I first heard this song I really got into it. It was at the time I was watching Legend of Billie Jean with Helen Slater and Christian Slater. I actually liked that movie, even though it's pretty cheesy to watch now. Anyhow, the song gets my adrenaline going.

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I'm looking forward to the weekend when we take the new car for a longer spin. We're going to the zoo and meeting up with my brother. They've just reopened the birds of prey section and are doing a grand opening of the new cougars and ocelot exhibits. We went in early June and these exhibits were underwraps, so I can't wait!

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Question of the day: What is your favorite fragrance/smell that you could spray all over yourself and be happy all day?

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Contest reminder: Today is the last day to enter my Butterfly Kisses contest. For details, click HERE. One winner will receive a $10 gift certificate to use at Cobblestone Press and the second winner will receive a bag of chocolate kisses and a beautiful butterfly book thong. Good luck!

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Back to edits I go. Everyone have a fab day! *tossin confetti*

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Y said...

Hello Miss Ann! ;) How you doing?

You're still super busy, aren't you? It's so funny you talking about Pat Benatar, her song LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD was my 80s Wednesday pick for this week. He. He.

Okay, I'm not too big on perfume. But I like deodorant colognes, but only if they're strawberry or vanilla. :) Oh, and I LOVE Herbal Essences shampoo -- the pomegranate, lychee and persimmon one.

Cora Zane said...

I love that song Invincible! Anyone with a three octave range is worth listening to IMO. As for Pat B's songs, I think my favorite one is Shadow of the Night. :) Ooh, now I want to hear it again. I'll have to go hit i-Tunes, now.

As for my favorite scent... I love the smell of cedar. There used to be a parfume oil called Fire, by Jovan that I really loved. It was limited edition and you can't buy it any more though. *cry*

Anyway, I hope you listen to your doctor and take it easy!

Ann Cory said...

Oh Y, I also loved Love is a Battlefield. I remember watching the video on MTV and didn't like that nasty looking guy in it, lol.

Vanilla is my favorite scent :) And YES YES YES...Herbal Essence has some heavenly scents!

Ann Cory said...

Hey cheeky miss Cora, Shadow of Night is a hot tune too. I have her greatest hits CD and listen to it a lot. I also liked her slower song - We Belong. She will always be tops with me, even though I can't sing at her pitch, lol

I'm trying to be good - but I tend to rebel against doctor's orders ;)

Stacy Dawn said...

I'd say have fun with your edits but that isn't always the case LOL.

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann,
Hope you are getting some much needed rest and relaxing from your hectic schedule. Congrats on all those wonderful books!

Jan Springer said...

Hi Ann!

Take a break and rest awhile, woman!!! You gotta play to you know. ;-)

Hmmm favorite fragrance...I would have to say...strawberries...I so love strawberries...don't know if they have any perfumes in that but I'm allergic to perfumes anyways. lol

P.S. I luv Love is A Battlefield by Pat!!!!

Hope you have a great day!

jan, off to sing "Love is A Battlefield"

Karen Erickson said...

Geez, you're busy! Sounds like you need a rest.

I love Pat Benatar - especially the old stuff. She's cool.

Favorite perfume? I have many, but right now I've been slathering myself with this lotion called Sugar Wafer and it smells so good I might gnaw my arm off. LOL

Ann Cory said...

Oh Stacy, of course I love edits - it's the best part ;)
*just in case one of my editors is passing through* lol

Ann Cory said...

Jan - I love strawberries too. They remind me of my grandpa. He used to have a huge strawberry patch and we'd pick them and throw them on a great big bowl of ice cream. Yummers! His nickname for me was Strawberry Shortcake :)

Ann Cory said...

Jan - I love strawberries too. They remind me of my grandpa. He used to have a huge strawberry patch and we'd pick them and throw them on a great big bowl of ice cream. Yummers! His nickname for me was Strawberry Shortcake :)

Ann Cory said...

Karen - that fragrance Sugar Wafer sounds delicious! I've never heard of it!! Mmmmmmm - I'm going to keep my eye open for it :)