Thursday, August 24, 2006

Pretty Packages and Warlock Spells

Hi out there! I'm the one waving frantically with big bags...under my eyes. I'm sleepy!

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This morning I'll be taking my son to his school where he'll get his school schedule and locker assigned, while I get the fun job of filling out forms :) Lucky me! School doesn't start until September 5th, but today is for all the 8th graders *gasp* to come in and get special instructions.

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My fingers are crossed he gets the guitar class he wants. It's a year long class where the kids are taught all about the guitar, its history, how to play different types, read music, and more. While he took 4 weeks of lessons over the summer, this goes much more in depth. I think he'll have a blast, so I sure hope he got it!

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Check out the photo of the Moonglade Elite Authors Grand Prize Gift Basket! Each prize is gift wrapped all pretty, and there are even some additional goodies thrown in. I can't tell you how lucky the winner will be! Make sure you sign up for our newsletter and blog with us to be eligible to win!

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I've been having a fantastic time blogging with everyone on Mondays at the Moonglade Elite Authors Blog and I wanted to thank everyone who has come out to support us! Today's Book Giveaway is - Peppermint Creek Inn by Jan Springer. It's a HOT read. Speaking of hot.....

Question of the Day - What is the sexiest food you'd want someone to feed you? For added inspiration, here's a photo of that someone who can't wait to feed you:

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In less than a week, Under a Warlock's Spell will be out! My fantasty erotic romance will be available August 29th from Samhain Publishing.
Blurb -

ISBN: 1-59998-091-6
Length: Category
Price: $4.50
Genre: Romance/Fantasy

Minna enjoys her life in the village, working hard and filling her nights with the passionate embrace of her soulmate, Derik. She has more then she ever imagined, until her world collapses. In her time of need, she is unaware that the one's closest to her covet her most.

Derik, a master craftsman, loves his work and his beautiful Minna. His days are filled with thoughts of the woman he loves, laying beside him, until the day he is captured and cursed. With a warlock manipulating his moves, he fights to hold onto his one desire.

An evil warlock has desires of his own. Blagden will kill anyone that gets in his way, regardless the price. His lust for power and greed makes him unstoppable. With his potent amulet he controls the minds of others, beginning with Derik, by turning him into a bloodthirsty monster. It is only the start of the twisted plot Blagden has weaved. As his attention turns to Minna, there are no holds barred. He knows she will be his.

Minna is given the power of shape shifting to aid in her search for Derik. Against all odds Minna must risk it all and bring Derik back to where their passion runs wild.

Can love survive in the darkest of times, when it is miles away and held hostage by a sinister force of evil?

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I'm also pleased to announce that my historical erotic romance novel Melting Iron will be going to print on October 17th! *tossing confetti* I love October. It's my birthday month and I'm a total Halloween freak! We'll also be celebrating our 1 year moving in anniversary :) So yeah, to have my book in print in the same month will be an added bonus!

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Speaking of Samhain - right now they're having some great stuff going on, including sales - so now's even a better time to grab a copy of Melting Iron! Details:

Lots of give-aways this week to celebrate our coming back online better than before!

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*heads up* There will be some changes at my Ann Cory Crew group. If you're a member already, I promise it will be painless. I'll be adding some mods to help host Reader Appreciation Days, Genre Weeks, Author Showcases, Interviews, and more. Thanks to Mia Romano, Karen Erickson, and Madison Chase we'll kick it up a notch and have some fun! First we'll have to come up with a new name. If you'd like to sign up for an Author Showcase day where it's all about YOU - send me an email to and we'll get you hooked up. I'll post the link here soon, or if you'd like to sign up now, click Here and the new changes will happen September 1st.

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Okay lovelies, I better go start my day. I hope yours is fantastic!


Tempest Knight said...

Oh I hope he gets the guitar course too! I love guitars! I used to play electric guitar in a rock band, then I almost majored in classical guitar (missed 2 classes to get the diploma). I wish I had a course on them when I was your son's age. I've gotten 100% in everything.

Okay as for the sexiest food someone has ever fed me... PIZZA. Okay, I know nobody thinks pizza is sexy, but it's to me. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE pizza. When I'm eating it, every mouth-watery bite is like having an oral orgasm. *lol*

Liddy Midnight said...

Gee, either it's time to get my eyes checked again, or my mind's in the gutter. Again. LOL Instead of, "What is the sexiest food you'd want someone to feed you?" I read, "What is the sexiest guy you'd want someone to feed you?" ROFLMAO! And I had to stop and think about it.

Mistah Midnight would not be pleased by that! Don't tell him, okay?


Loribelle Hunt said...

Good luck to your son Ann! My kids went back to school a couple weeks. I was so glad lol.

Sexiest food. Hmm, that's something I'll have to think about. ;)

Jenn on the Island said...

Looking at him, I'd say the sexiest food he could feed me is a steak.

Why a steak?

Nothing sexier than a nice big piece of meat...

Karen Erickson said...

My son started school a week ago and he's learning to play the drums. Aaah! Amazing how loud those drumsticks are on a tiny practice drum pad!

That guy is hunky. Sexiest food? Jenn's comment cracked me up. Nothing sexier than a big piece of meat.....


Ann Cory said...

Tempest - I'm excited to say that YES he got the guitar class :) He's going to have a blast! He immediately wanted to learn guitar after watching School of Rock, lol, one of our favorites :)

I couldn't agree more - pizza is sexy AND orgasmic :) We're easy to please! Umm, to a degree ;) lol

Ann Cory said...

Liddy - you gutter girl - I love it! lol. I won't tell Mistah Midnight - I promise ;) We gals gotta have our fantasies though, lol

Have a great weekend sweetie!

Ann Cory said...

Awww, the sweet Loribelle. Love your pic - you're totally cute. I'm serious!

Yes, he got the guitar class. I was prepared to fight for it, lol.

Ann Cory said...

Jenn is naughty on the island. A big slab of meat eh? I'll make sure your guy serves you that big slab of meat on a silver platter ;) lol

Ann Cory said...

Karen - you've got to have nerves of steel if you can handle drums - I bow down to you ;) lol.

Isn't he HOT - that guy is inspiring to my muse, lol.

Jenn is naughty. I think pizza is the sexiest for me, with strawberry dipped in chocolate or whipped cream as second. Actually the guy could feed me anything and I wouldn't complain, lol.


Y said...

Oh, I have to agree with you on the strawberries and cream -- yum! Now, that's sexy. ;)

Glad your son got into the guitar class, too. And UNDER A WARLOCK'S SPELL sounds terrific! :)

Have a GREAT weekend...

Monica M. Martin said...

Hey Doll :)Just wanted to wish you a fabulous weekend. I hope everything went well with your little darling.

Hugs, M.

Stacy Dawn said...

Good luck to your son on school!

Ooooh, definately strawberries dipped in melted chocolate...even better if it drips *wink*

The revamping of your group sounds cool...expect an email soon!

Jan Springer said...

Hey Ann,

Love those bags you're packing. lol
Ahhhh yes going back to school...I hated getting ready and going back...the horrors of being a kid. lol
One day I will learn the guitar!! The only thing I know is bathroom harmonica sooo I hope he gets the class he wants and doesn't have to hide in the bathroom to play like I do! lolol

Hmmm sexiest food to feed me? Chocolate covered ants? no no just kidding...ummmm how about a chocolate know ;-)

Oh! Look a sale! I must be off! I love sales!

Have a good one!