Thursday, August 03, 2006

Catch Me if you Can!

This week I am burning up the chat circuit! I can only hope that someday in the distant future I am doing the same thing, only not online ;) lol.

I managed to fit in 2 chats yesterday and 2 chats the day before. What is in store for today? Edits for Under a Warlock's Spell, a newsletter story to polish, a WIP I'm halfway done with, some updates, and a chat at KarenDevinKaren group with Mardi Gras to talk about my book Egyptian Cotton. I'll be there at 5:00pmEST with some hot excerpts.

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Don't forget we have daily prizes at the Moonglade Elite Author's site, all you have to do to be eligible to win a book is blog and sign up for our newsletter! The book up for a prize today is the book Tranformations with Liddy Midnight's story "Survivor" in it. This book is seriously hot, and I love the cover! Come say hi and you might just win!

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I just have to mention that my Secret Summer Sister is a total blast. She writes these funny poems and sends me ecards. I love it :) I never know what I'm going to get when I open my email, lol.

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So tell me, in your own words, what length of books do you prefer to read? Novels, novellas, novelletes, short stories, quickies - I want to know! Some writers can pen a novel in no time flat. They have the gift of creating full blown stories with multiple plot points and an assortment of characters. Yes, I admit it, I'm jealous. My preferred length to write is novella-length, and I like short stories. I've written only a few novels and I'll tell you, it's like pulling teeth. The novels I have written, I'm especially proud of. They are mini milestones that show my growth. I just wondered what you liked best.

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I'm happy to report the humidity has left and the weather has cooled just enough to leave my allergies alone. I hate taking allergy pills, but this summer I've had to double up. I don't even want to mention how much I've spent on tissues in the last two months. Money that would be better spent on books!

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I guess I have to change the calendar tomorrow. I'm kind of interested to see what the new butterfly is on my calendar. My brother's birthday is on the 4th so I have to track down an especially cool card. He's 13 years older than me, so I'm going to have to rub that in, lol.

Also, my two releases Mask of the Matador and Private Dancer from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid are 15% off this month! If you haven't read them, now is a good time to snag them on sale! They are in both print and ebook format.
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Okay, I should probably get back to work here. Go win a book and come chat with me!
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Karen Erickson said...

You're all over the place! I'm workin' a couple of chats as well this weekend - whew. My first time out the gate - scary! :)

Ann Cory said...

Oh you'll do great sweetie!! Once you get started you won't be able to stop! :) Where are you going to be? I'll try and stop by!

Stacy Dawn said...

I like to read any length as long as I enjoy the story. As for writing, I like the shorter/quicker but I also enjoy being able to go into depth in a longer length. Truthfully though, the story rules the length I write. However long it needs to tell itself whether 1k, 10k, or 100K.

Ann Cory said...

Thanks Stacy, I'm glad to hear your take on it. That's how I feel. Sometimes, at least for me, the story doesn't need to take on a bunch of different directions to get told. Sometimes I just like a one on one story with the focus on the two people.

The story rules the length I write too :)

Bella Tyler said...

I read all lengths, depending on my mood. And I am a moody girl, hehe.

Good luck with all the chatting...I hope you hands survive the week, Ann.


Nicole said...

Novels are my favorite, mainly because when I read a good book, I want to stay with it longer. I hate ending a novella and wanting to know more, yet knowing there isn't anymore. but I do read a few, just not as many as longer lengths.

Ann Cory said...

Good to hear Bella :) I don't have much time to read anymore, so I've been sticking with novellas and shorts. When I want a really nice long escape I'll pick up a novel and it feels like a treat!

Whew! I feel like a social butterfly, which is really weird since I'm a very private person, lol. And shy. I know! Most people don't think that about me, but I am.

Thanks for popping by hon, it's always good to hear from you :) *BG*

Ann Cory said...

Good point Nicole. I have a hard time writing novels, though. WHen I'm writing one story, I get ideas for 2 or 3 other stories. I've been working really hard to lose this complex I've given myself, lol.

Great to see you sweet face!