Monday, October 23, 2006

Ellora's Cave and Celtic Love Knots

October is my favorite month, and so far *minus the nasty flu* it's been a very good month :) I'm sorry to see that we're coming to the end of the month - where does the time go? Oh - yeah, I spent 2 weeks of it in bed, lol.

I'm sure everyone knows this by now - as I pretty much shouted it from the rooftops, lol, but I had a novella accepted by Ellora's Cave. Since I'm changing the title a bit, I'll announce the official name soon :) I'm super psyched about this and have been tossing around confetti, chocolate, and all kinds of sparkly, shiny, blue bits all over the place. I apologize for wherever it has landed. *BG*

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Another acceptance is a shared collaboration with Brenda Williamson in Celtic Love Knots from Whiskey Creek Press. Our stories are both Celtic themed and of course HOT HOT HOT! My story is titled "Beyond Green Man's Gate" and hers is "Bedding a Mermaid" - I'll let you know when it will be out! Double the heat - double the trouble *BG*

Since I know you are dying to find out - here are the winners of Tainted - LIZ and SHUCK YING!!! Congrats :) Email me at with BLOG WIN in the subject line and which format you'd like - HTML or PDF :) Thanks so much for posting!

This week's prize is my latest paranormal erotic treat Spoiled Candy, which is part of the All Hallows Eve line now available from Venus Press. Just post this week and 2 winners will be announced next Monday right here on my blog. Good luck!

Men and chocolate make for a very Spoiled Candy

One bite and you will be addicted.

Hauntingly sinful pleasures arrive in a unique box of chocolates on
Halloween. With each scintillating treat Candy consumes, the soul of a
man is released. As a reward they offer her a lifetime of personal
satisfaction. Whatever, whenever, and however she wants.

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5 Lips for Spoiled Candy from Two Lips Reviews!

~Spoiled Candy is possibly the perfect erotic Halloween tale. Ann Cory,
whose imagination indeed seems boundless, has whipped up a
scintillating, sizzling, story sure to spoil any reader. Certainly this
reviewer has been spoiled! For lovers of chocolate and lovers of deep
erotic sensuality beyond the boundaries of the routine and jaded, this
is THE story for Halloween delight! – Reviewer Frost

Full Review

Question of the week - Sure the hottie below looks innocent now, but I've heard he becomes somewhat of a beast in the bedroom. What do you think he likes best to do the rough and tumble on? A) Silk B) Satin C) Egyptian Cotton D) Hardwood floors E) bathtub or F) faux fur rug *hey - I don't do fur*

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Coming up this week at The Story Board -
This week our showcases include the talented Louise Bohmer, the authors of The Wild Rose Press, and the authors of Silks Vault! Come show your support and get hooked on some hot new books!

Today is of course my MEA blog day - so pop over and check out hot pics, read some poetry, join in the games, and leave a post! Our ultra cool scavenger hunt is still going strong, but time is running out - so make sure you read those clues!! Even more good stuff coming from the Moonglade Elite Authors in November - so make sure you check back often!

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So out of boredom while I was feeling under the weather, I snatched up a couple magazines for some mindless reading. Can we say give me a break? Will someone please explain to me about these celebrity women and their freaky eyelashes? Like each eyelash is individually coated in mascara and fanned out all funky, way up high so that their eyelids are missing - and what is up with the doe-eyed expression? I don't get it. It used to be I wouldn't mind looking like some of the lovely ladies, but I don't feel that way anymore. I'd rather eat, look normal, and keep my brain. It's disappointing. Meanwhile - the guys just keep getting more and more gorgeous - hello!

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My son will be having a 4 day weekend due to teacher's conferences - so we'll be getting in some hangtime - which is actually kind of nice. We'll be racing against each other in the CARS PS2 racing game. Seriously, I kick butt, lol. I can't wait to talk with his teachers :) So far he's fairly certain of all his grades except one. I'm really proud of how well he's doing in his guitar class. Over the weekend we found a nice guitar at a reasonable price with a case included. We decided Christmas is too far away and had to snatch it up, lol.

This week is full of catching up, edits, an interview, writing, organization, back to the gym, and of course - play time with my son. I'm really looking forward to Halloween - it's my favorite holiday! The gym part is just a necessary evil!

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Okay - guess I better get back to work. Hope everyone has a fantastic week!

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Monday, October 16, 2006

Spoiled Candy - One bite and you'll be addicted

Waving hi to everyone from behind a stack of tissue. For my birthday I got the flu - isn't that a great gift? Ugh. I had hoped to be better by now, but unfortunately the nasty bug has got me good. Please feel free to come over and put me out of my misery. Just ignore my very red nose, my Golem-like sounding voice, and the grouchies. Yep - you got it, after a week of this crud I've become a grouch. Sweetie and I have to postpone our anniversary dinner since I was too sick to taste anything. I've spent too much on tissue this week too *shakes head*

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Thanks to everyone for the birthday cards, pictures, butterflies, and to those who joined my at The Story Board. I had a great time with everyone!

I haven't really gotten much done, but I've written some new poetry, and poetry is one of my favorite hobbies, so I guess I can't complain too much.

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Don't forget I'm at the MEA Blog today. Yesterday we had the lovely Rene Waldon from Forbidden Publications as a guest speaker, and on the 22nd we'll be having the reviewers of Two Lips Reviews with us :) We're now halfway through with our awesome Moonglade Elite Authors Scavenger Hunt!. There's still time to jump in and figure out the clues :)

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Before I go further, let me announce the winners of A Haunting in the Cathouse - from last week's blog contest! The winners are: ROBYNL and JOAN so please send me an email to with BLOG WIN in the subject line and let me know if you'd like PDF or HTML:) CONGRATS ladies!

This week's prize is a copy of my vampire short Tainted. Just post on my blog this week and you'll be entered to win! 2 winners will be announced next Monday :) Good luck!

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Coming this Wednesday, October 18th is Spoiled Candy. Men and chocolate - one bite and you'll be craving more.

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I just found out today that Bard of Bristol is number 5 on the top rated erotica list at Fictionwise. Jewel from Midnight Showcase sent out a post on it. Wow - I had no idea. So, thank you to those who have read it and voted favorably, it sure means a lot to me.

Let's see, oh, tomorrow at The Story Board will be some authors from Ocean's Mist Press posting excerpts about their releases. Also this week, on the 20th, will be the Vegas Magic Authors from Cobblestone Press, so if you aren't a member yet, please sign up soon so you don't miss all the great events we host!

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I am also happy to share that my story Snowbound was picked as one of the ten stories to be included in Whiskey Creek Press Torrid's Best of Torrid Teasers Vol. 1. It will come out in January 2007 in both ebook and print! I'm very excited about that.

My October Newsletter is out, packed full of goodies for you. Winners of my contests are announced inside. If you haven't signed up, just click Here.

Well, the days have been a blur, but my one cat has been extra spoiled sitting on my lap. Now he thinks he's a permanent fixture, lol. I haven't tasted anything, except port, lol. Been watching a lot of movies and balled my eyes out watching Eight Below. That movie was made to make me cry. It was good, but I'll never watch it again, I felt emotionally exhausted after it was over, lol.

Question of the week:
If ice cream were smeared all over this man's stomach, and you were forced *like that would be tough* to lick it off, what would be your flavor of choice?

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Okay, after seeing that picture I think I'm hallucinating, lol. I better go lay down.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Birthday Celebration and Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

I had a wonderful weekend, my hubby and son took very good care of me and made my birthday a special one :) Today I'm still celebrating at The Story Board, if you'd like to come on by!
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Tonight, when hubby comes home from work, we'll be celebrating his Canadian Thanksgiving - since sweetie is Canadian. It's actually kind of nice to celebrate Thanksgiving twice a year - I get double the excuse to go off the diet and feast! So, to all the Canadians - HAPPY THANKSIVING!!!!
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And if you think that is enough partying - we are celebrating our one year wedding anniversary on Tuesday. It's been a lot of fun and all this extra eating means more trips to the gym! lol
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Before I go on, let me annouce the blog winners from last week who will win a copy of Haunt Me Taunt Me - LADYVAMPIRE2U and DEBORAH CHAN!! Please email me at with BLOG WIN in the subject line and which format you would like. CONGRATS!!!

This week's blog contest prize is a copy of my book A Haunting in the Cathouse. All you have to do is post this week and you are entered to win! I'll choose 2 winners next Monday!
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Want a sneak peek of my cover for Spoiled Candy? It's part of the All Hallow's Eve line from Venus Press and will be out October 18th. I soooo cannot wait!
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Don't forget the fun things going on with the Moonglade Elite Authors! All month long we're doing a scavenger hunt and yes you can win prizes!! I believe the first 3 clues are already up, with more to come! For all the details, click here.
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Today I'll be partying it up both at The Story Board and the MEA BLOG - so say hi and come in your birthday suit!! :)
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Question of the day?
Speaking of birthdays, who is going to help me blow out these birthday candles?
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Hubby and I went to see the movie The Departed, which believe it or not, was really good. I don't usually like mobster movies, but for whatever reason, it appealed to me. The acting was great and I was left guessing all the way to the end - a rarity in movies these days I find. Afterwards we went to our favorite wine bar, had a glass of Pinot, and listened to a jazz band. Sweetie then treated me to a nice breakfast, lunch, and dinner on my birthday - along with a birthday cake! I got some lovely gifts, but my favorite is always the cards - I love cards. My son wrote me the sweetest poem - it brought me to tears. I'm such a sap, lol
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Want another sneak peek cover? This one is Blame the Rain coming late November from Samhain Publishing. Click here.

My newsletter will be out this week - but be sure to check out my new contest for October!
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Okay, I'm off to party. I'd love for you to join me! *flinging confetti*
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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

All Tied Up and Sex on a hardwood floor!

Egyptian Cotton ended up tied for 2nd place on the bestseller list at Mardi Gras Publishing for the month of August! If you haven't tried Egyptian Cotton, you don't know what you're missing. Get wrapped up in Egyptian Cotton and feel the luxurious heat

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4 cups for Under a Warlock's Spell

Coffee Time Romance gives 4 Cups to my fantasy novel Under a Warlock's Spell from Samhain Publishing
~Ms. Cory has written an action packed story that will keep you turning the pages. The fantasy of magic is brought to life with each page, both evil and good magic. However, if you believe in the magic of love, you will believe that it can conquer all and bring happiness.
~Reviewer Sherry

Full Review Here

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5 Kisses from Two Lips Reviews for Night of the Nogitsune

Reviewer Frost says - Ann Cory delivers another satisfyingly character-driven tale, which steams and sizzles all the way through. The plot had this reviewer caught up immediately. Shasta is a well-realized character that is appealing in both her humanity and in her shifted form; the reader just naturally wants Shasta’s success, and Del is a gem of a man! I am so thankful this is the first in a series; I really want to read more of these stories! I sincerely hope Ms. Cory will deliver the next in the Nogitsune series quickly! Night of the Nogitsune Book 1 Wanted is a definite winner.

Night of the Nogitsune
available now from Silk's Vault

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Moonglade Elite Authors Scavenger hunt is going on all month long! Join us on the blogs, sign up for our newsletter, and play along as clues are given to help you win a fantastic prize!
MEA Scavenger Hunt is Now in Play
Find the Ghouls and Find Your Prey
All Who Enter; Few Will Survive
Are You the Chosen...Will You Thrive
Come and Play...Try your Hand
The Game is Fun and the Prizes Grand!

A new gobblin will be put up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
1 in the news so you must sign up for the subscription.
There will be 1 posted on each authors site and 1 on each authors blog.
You will be given a clue for each ghoul and it will be posted on our blog.
You must collect them all, and on the last day Oct 31 send the list to:
Please Note: this email addy will not be activated until October 31.

Prizes to be awarded to all who complete the hunt.
A grand prize will be drawn by an independent judge for the grand prize

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Busy packed month going on this month at The Story Board - so be sure to join up! This month's schedule:
October 9th - Ann Cory's post birthday bash!
October 13th - Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc's Author Showcase Day
October 20th - Vegas Magic Authors Day
October 25th - Louise Bohmer's Author Showcase Day
October 29th - Silk's Vault Authors Day
October 31st - Karen L. Newman's Author Day

And there are more still to come, including Halloween Genre Week where you get the best of Halloween Books to choose from! Join us today!

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Question of the Day - If you had to be trapped in a Haunted House with someone - who would it be? Jenn on the Island is exempt from answering - I know it's Mark Wahlberg ;)

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Sweetie has been sick and I'm not feeling so hot myself still. Watched some movies over the weekend and was impressed! Into the Blue was good, and that movie will keep me on my diet/exercise program, lol, Inside Man - was okie dokie, and my favorite - Take the Lead . Like the girl said in the movie - there were some dance numbers in there that were hotter than sex on a hardwood floor! Hottie Antonio Banderas did a fabulous job in the role, and I highly recommend it.

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Haunted goodie could be yours! Haunt Me Taunt Me is the blog prize this week. To be eligible - just post on my blog :) I'll announce two winners HERE on Monday!
Blurb: Beware of sultry strangers toting goodies.
In the house of a hundred mirrors, Jake finds his own Halloween treat in the form of some tempting eye candy, but the price to sample could cost him his life.
Haunt Me Taunt Me.

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