Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Smolder Springs Now Available!

Good morning! I’m thrilled to announce that my sexy contemporary erotic romance Smolder Springs is now available from Resplendence Publishing!

Welcome to Smolder Springs. Pampered by day. Seduced by night.

After years in an emotionally draining job, Kaitlin West visits a luxurious spa known for its healing springs and breathtaking beauty. And where her personal guide, Harrison Knight, helps to awaken her long suppressed desires.


Out from the sea of women stepped a handsome man with broad shoulders clad in a partially unbuttoned white shirt and denim shorts. Bathed in sunlight he looked like every wine-induced fantasy she’d ever concocted at two in the morning.

Her head swung side to side in disbelief. If she had had the ability to purr, she would have. No question, he put the smolder in Smolder Springs. Judging by the drawn gasps behind her, she wasn’t the only one who thought so.

Mister dreamboat-in-denim parted from the group and approached in measured strides, his chiseled biceps flexing as he lifted a megaphone to his perfect mouth.

“Welcome to Smolder Springs, ladies. I’m certain you’ll find your time here most rewarding.”

The sight of him had a definite reward factor in itself. Forget buying a souvenir, she’d take him home.

“You’ll each be paired up with a guide who will give you a tour and see that all your needs are met. They’ve been chosen based on answers you filled out online at the time you registered.”

Kaitlin’s smile faltered. She didn’t realize the online form held such merit. Did anyone take that kind of set-up seriously?

“Now I’ll call out your name and the name of your guide. From there your three days of pampering can start. Have a wonderful time at Smolder Springs.”

Her pulse amplified in her ears. What the hell had she put on that form? She searched her memory while names were called out, listening for hers at the same time. It concerned her that no one else veered on the edge of a breakdown. Though, why should they if they’d answered honestly. Had she? Not likely or why the heart palpitations?

Perspiration laced her bra. Why couldn’t she remember? Oh, that’s right, it had been the same night that she’d polished off that third banana daiquiri, thinking it tasted like another.

Not good.

Faces blurred in front of her as guides and guests met and shook hands like old friends during alumni week. Out of frustration she stopped racking her brain. She couldn’t change the answers now, only deny them.

The crowd continued to thin until she was the last woman standing.

Dreamy in denim set the megaphone down on a bench swing and perched his sunglasses atop his head. He gave her a measured once-over and tucked the clipboard underneath his arm.

“I guess that leaves us.” His voice dripped of caramel sauce.

Kaitlin’s lips parted to respond and stayed that way. Any words or sounds she’d planned had tangled up with the butterflies circling inside her stomach. She hadn’t expected to be paired with a man. And he truly was all man.

She figured his age somewhere in the lower thirties range, older but not too old, her personal preference. Rugged good looks bordered on clean cut without the Ivy League polish. Also a preference.

Her eyes drank in every visible part from the firm muscles that hugged his arms and legs, to his thick waist and gently angled face. Her favorite feature was the stunning jade color of his eyes—clear and sharp and mesmerizing. She appreciated the dark tumbling mass of hair that fell around his neck but grieved over his choice of attire and how little it revealed his sculpted, sun-kissed body.

All six-foot-two inches of him gravitated toward her, his broad shoulders even more impressive up close. She tilted her chin to look up at him. Talk about a towering inferno. A sinful smile tugged at his full masculine lips.

When she’d sufficiently scrutinized him from head to toe, her mouth remembered how to work again.

“Uh, hi. I’m Kaitlin West. I think there’s been a mistake on the pairing up part.”

“Name’s Harrison Knight.” He thrust out his strong-looking hand and casually slid it into his pocket when she didn’t reciprocate. “There’s no mistake on the pair up. I picked you myself.”

(copyright 2011)
~Ann Cory

Friday, August 05, 2011

Another excerpt of Smolder Springs today at TRS BLUE

Good morning! Today you will find another excerpt of Smolder Springs over at TRS Blue Blog:) If you get a chance, I'd love for you to stop by! Have a wonderful day!

~Ann Cory

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Smolder Springs - Sneak Peek excerpt

Morning everyone :) Hope you've been having a good week. I'm staying busy with work on the sequel to Immortally Theirs. With August 10th just around the corner, I wanted to post a sneak peek excerpt of Smolder Springs. Hope you enjoy!

Harrison's cock pulsed with each gentle pat of the towel against her curves. He cursed under his breath for staring like a predator, but damn if he could force his attention away.

She let out a whoosh of air that made her hair rustle, and then tilted her head. “I’m curious, why don’t you walk around naked or in a robe?”

“Because I’m here to cater to your needs, not to make you feel propositioned.”


Harrison bent in toward her. “Unless you want me to proposition you.”

Her cheeks flushed again, darker this time. It triggered that carnal urge he’d felt before and damn if he’d ignore it now. If she couldn’t handle the physical contact then he’d know he’d be making a huge mistake taking her where he planned.

“This time I’m only half teasing.”


He stepped closer and skimmed his thumb along her jaw, over the bow of her lips and rested it at her chin. The fact she didn’t flinch was a good sign. “Do you mind my touching you?”

“A little. No, not really. Um, maybe.” She worried her bottom lip for a moment. “You frighten me.”

“I don’t mean to.”

“I know.”

Being so close to her made his pulse go all erratic. He inhaled her heady scent, determined to not ravish her the way he wanted. “This may frighten you more but I’m going to kiss you.”

Her eyes widened.

“Any reason I shouldn’t?”

“Uh, no. None.”


She dampened her lush and willing lips in preparation and stared up at him with her hopeful baby blues, sending a shot of lust to his groin. He lowered his head and her eyelids fell closed. A breathy sigh released from her pretty pink lips a second before he claimed them.

They were soft, the way he’d imagined and sweet like honey straight off the comb. Their lips moved together, slow at first, then escalating into urgency. Holding back at this point stopped making sense. He rested his hands at the curve of her back and brought her hips against his thighs.

Her warm body relaxed into him, her breasts firm and full against his chest. She brought her hands up and rested them at his waist. His cock throbbed in response to the headiness of her arousal.

Harrison groaned and pressed into her intoxicating touch. He swore the heat from her could melt his flesh. Without a doubt he was in way too deep, and at this point he wouldn’t grab a lifeline if offered one. He’d drown willingly.

As if to test that theory, Kaitlin’s lips parted enough for him to taste her. Enough to make him enthusiastic for more. Starved, he claimed her lips harder, stoking the passion between them. Breathing in her heat, he didn’t think he’d survive without it. How had he ever? Of course the last five years had been a different kind of survival.

Harrison’s muscles tightened with tension. He couldn’t believe how self-absorbed he’d become, consumed by his past and desperate for an event to help wake him up. And that event was the arrival of Kaitlin.

There was no way he could make these two days only about sex. He wanted her, and he wanted all of her. He didn’t care whether it made sense or not. He didn’t want some other man to awaken her desires. Kaitlin had gotten more than just under his skin. She’d claimed a place in his heart that had been vacant for half a decade.

copyright 2011
Smolder Springs releases August 10th from Resplendence Publishing

~Ann Cory