Thursday, August 31, 2006

Final Days, New Beginnings, and Warlock Spells

Yay! My new release from Samhain Publishing is here - Under a Warlock's Spell!

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Today is also the final day of Moonglade Elite Author's Grand Opening Celebration - though that doesn't mean we won't still celebrate, lol. It's your last chance to sign up for our newsletter and blog to be eligible for the sexy gift basket! It's also the final day of our month long book-giveaway. Today's book is Butterfly Kisses by yours truly :)

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The Story Board is making its own grand opening appearance. My former Ann Cory group has been rennovated and spruced up. Plus I'm more of a team player and didn't want the group to be just about me - I have a website, a newsletter, and this here blog for that. SO - I invite all authors(of any and all genres), publishers, editors, book reviewers, artists, and readers to come over and be part of the story.

In addition to being a place for networking and catering to the important readers, we will be offering Showcase days for publishers, artists, and authors, Blog reviews, Interviews, Promo opportunities, as well as hosting events.With the help of Mia Romano, Karen Erickson, Emma Petersen, and Madison Chase we will be making this a fun and worthwhile place. So, come check us out and join the The Story Board.

I am soooooo not ready for it to be the last day of August. I have a million and one things to do and one is my newsletter. Me thinks it will be a little late - darn it. My son starts school soon and it's met with mixed reactions. I enjoy our time together, and I also know I get more done when I have the house to myself. I'll miss him and I'll have moments where I'll be lonely. I guess this guy will have to keep me company now:

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Uh no, I'm not complaining ;)

I received a nice new review for Vampire Hunter: Book 1 - Vintages from Enchanted Ramblings:

4.5 Magical Wands from Enchanted Ramblings

Regan gets more than she expects. The suspense and action move the story along quickly, almost too quickly, but this is a good vampire read with interesting characters and sizzling sensual tension.

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*** Question of the Day Of these guys who play doctors on TV, which one would you want as your doctor: 1) George Clooney 2) John Stamos 3) Noah Wyle or 4) Shane West

My choice?

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Well I think I had other things to say, but my poor tired brain is shutting down. A 3-day weekend is coming up and I'm going to see what there is going on around town. First on the agenda is school supply shopping. Hope everyone has a great rest of the week!


Jan Springer said...

Congratulations on your release, Ann!!! *jan blowing her party horn*

I'll take all those doctors you mentioned. ;-) OOOOh okay, George Clooney. Yum yum!


Y said...

CONGRATS on all the wonderful stuff going on! And I'm not ready for September either. Yikes! The year's going by too fast.

Okay, out of all those guys you mentioned, I'll probably have to pick John Stamos because of my teenage crush for him back in the 80s. He. He. But if I had to choose a doctor, it would have to be -- Hugh Laurie. Yep, give me Dr. House any day. There's just something about him...

Anyway, catch'a later!

Stacy Dawn said...

George all the way.

See, I thought I was the only one feeling that way about my son going back to school. I love having them around and actually work better with them here LOL. Guess I'll have to learn because the second starts school next year LOL.

Karen Erickson said...

Sheesh, first a hot pic of some random dude and then a pic of George? Are you trying to kill me???


George all the way for sure...

Sara Dennis said...

I could go for George. Noah's not bad, though.

Ann Cory said...

Thanks so much Jan :)

Yeah, if I had a hot doctor, I'd be coming up with all kinds of things wrong with me. lol


Ann Cory said...

It's funny to watch John in Full House - that big hair of his. I think as he matures, he's getting better looking. He wears maturity very well.

Ann Cory said...

Hi Stacy :) Nope, I feel that too - kind of like a mini empty nest syndrome. I work better when I'm alone in the house because then I'm not picking up sounds to distract me. At the same time I enjoy my day more when he's home - and I'll take time out to stop what I'm doing and go play games or watch a movie.
Now I'll have to get my whip out and keep myself on task, lol

Ann Cory said...

LOL@Karen - I'll try not to post 2 hotties in the same post, but I can't promise anything ;)

George is such a hottie.

Ann Cory said...

Yay it's Sara!!! *waving hi to sexy mama*
Yeah, that George just keeps getting sexier...damn him, lol

Cathy said...

I would pick Noah Wylie. He totally sold me as a doctor who cares and actually listens when you talk. That's big for me.