Monday, July 31, 2006

MEA blog day and grand opening eve

I've got that song "Hazy Shade of Winter" stuck in my head. "Time...time...time..." I never have enough. Where have I been the past few days? Ugh...doctors appointments. Necessary evil. Blood tests, needles, all those lovely things. I went in this morning to check on the results and they're not half bad. My cholestrol is great, which was a big surprise to me, so I'm happy. I'm still waiting to hear back on some more tests. Fun! lol. Don't you wish you could be me.

So, as a result I'm running waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind this morning.

I'm blogging off and on all day at the Moonglade Elite Authors Blog and giving away a copy of Egyptian Cotton, so be sure to pop on over when you get the chance. Plus, I love the support, it means a lot to me.
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Before I forget, I have to gush about a really cool poem my secret summer sister sent me. I loved it!! I'm having a great time with this and am so glad I joined. It's nice to stop and take a few minutes out to do something nice for someone, and also nice when it's reciprocated, lol.
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Today is the eve of two major grand openings!!! The first of which is Moonglade Elite Authors. It isn't just a day or two, it's a full month of great stuff and exceitment. I'm seriously psyched up about it. Make sure you sign up for the newsletter and a chance to win the ultra fabulous gift basket. I mean come on, the stuff is HOT. And you can bet that there will be other awesome gifts over the year just for being a member.
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Another grand opening eve event is Mardi Gras Publishing. Tomorrow I'll be announcing the winners from my Catch the Beads contest. To date I've had 44 people enter. That means 44 people are walking around topless at Mardi Gras. Okay, 45 if you count me ;) lol.
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Tomorrow is going to be a total blast and I won't get a lick of work done, I can tell, lol. Ah well...being a party girl isn't too bad ;)

Today I have edits to work on, a story to finish, my newsletter to check over, an artist form to fill out, and some blogging to do! Everyone have a fab day :)


Tempest Knight said...

I downloaded The Bangles's version of Hazy Shade of Winter a few days ago. I love that song! Good to hear your cholesterol level is alright. *g*

Ann Cory said...

I love it the driving beat to it. I was a fan of the Bangles, and was very sad when they split. I had 2 of their tapes - not sure if they made a 3rd or not, can't remember. It's a short song, but I listened to it over and over and over, lol.

:)Look ma, I'm eating my oatmeal!

Monica M. Martin said...

Sorry I didn't show up for your big day, doll. Just give me a kick on the next blog day and I'll drop in. Anyway, I hope you had a good one. :)

Ann Cory said...

THanks miss M :) No worries...there are plenty of days to come kick it with me...besides you're a busy lady. :)

Anonymous said...

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