Sunday, April 22, 2012

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday!

The following six sentences are from my book Immortally Theirs, a menage.

In the corner of the room, Bastian appeared, his brow raised. His long ice-blonde hair and pale blue eyes were such a striking contrast to Armand's darker features. The nomadic vampire's preference was for sword play and games. He too shared a passion for Shakespeare, but more for the violent side of love and the physical fighting than the poetic romance. He had a commanding approach which is why she deemed him the fighter and Armand the lover. Though Bastian didn't need any lessons in how to pleasure a woman.

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. Hope you enjoyed! Thank you for taking the time to stop by :)

Ann Cory


T. C. Archer said...

Very nice.

T. C. Archer said...
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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a pair I'd very much love to meet!