Monday, April 02, 2012

Honeymoon in Brazil - B - Couple Getaways

Since more than 30 percent of the earth's remaining forests are in Brazil's Amazon rainforest, it's good motivation to grab your loved one and check out the beautiful blue water, explore the rainforest, and observe the wildlife that sustains it. Whether by foot, raft, canoe, boat, canoe, or from the air, you'll be surrounded by a glorious paradise.

Brazil is famous for two of its white sandy beaches: Copacabana and Ipanema.

What all is there to do in Brazil?

Visit Corcovado Mountain
Couples can enjoy a 25-minute ride uphill on a tram through the dense tropical growth of Tijuca National Park.

Admire the Views from Sugar Loaf
At 1,300 feet, Sugar Loaf is spectacular. Two separate cable cars will take you to the top. It's the perfect setting to watch sunsets.

Stroll Copacabana Beach
By day, enjoy the warm cobalt blue water of Copacabana. Or cool off with a moonlit stroll.

Shop in Ipanema

Visit H. Stern
Jewelry mecca, H. Stern, is THE place where visitors can gaze at over 50,000 pieces of jewelry, many made with gemstones like the Brazil mined blue topaz and amethyst.

Explore Downtown Rio

Savor a Romantic Dinner for Two

Relax in the Seaside Village of Parati
Parati, a charming town built in the 1600s. Its quaint cobblestone streets are lined with shops, restaurants, and galleries.

During the month of April, I'm taking part in the A-Z Challenge. My theme for the posts are Couple Getaways. I hope you'll stop by as I make my way to Z.

~Ann Cory


Savannah Chase said...

Oh wow, it looks so amazing there...I wish I could just travel the world and see all these places.

Kah Cherub said...

Beware the burglars, for they are many. LOL. But these places are beautiful, that's for sure. :)