Saturday, April 21, 2012

Snake Charmer - Sweet Saturday Sample

Today I'm taking part in Sweet Saturday Samples. This sample comes from my book Snake Charmer.

Somewhere between a sleepy haze and consciousness, soft flutters of desire flickered between her legs, gently arousing her. With eyes half open, she glanced down to see the scarf loosely coiled around her thigh, disappearing beneath her slip. She blinked and looked again, this time more aware of the object. A shiny red snake slithering along her skin. Goosebumps raked her back. Its black eyes watched her intently. Tongue flickering from its thin mouth, tasting air and then disappearing again.

The snake raised its head and moved side to side like a pendulum. Berlin tried to look away but couldn't unlock her gaze. The same garnet she'd seen on the scarf illuminated from the snake's forehead, right above its eyes.


She recognized the voice she'd heard earlier as it echoed around her room. Her eyelids lazed to half-mast as fatigue infected her body. All her internal coaxing couldn't shift her gaze away from the garnet.

Don't be afraid.

The low, ethereal voice stilled her fears.

In frozen fascination she watched its mouth open. Ivory fangs sparkled like stars against a moonless sky. Berlin waited for the ultimate pain as its fangs broke her skin, but it didn't strike. Instead, the snake grew in length beside the bed, becoming an impossible size. Its tongue flickered, a faint hiss barely audible. Transfixed, she watched the red shiny layers of the snakeskin split, and a handsome man took its place.

Snake Charmer is available from Amazon

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Ann Cory


Savannah Chase said...

Ann, another winner..The name of the book is just fantastic as well.

Tmonique Stephens said...

That was HELLA sexy! OMG! Smokingly hot! Loved it!

Sandy Nachlinger said...

You really drew me in. I was as mesmerized by that snake as Berlin! Good job.