Saturday, April 07, 2012

Blue Magic - Sweet Saturday Sample

Today I'm taking part in Sweet Saturday Samples. This sample comes from my book Blue Magic available now at Amazon.

On the other side of the mirror, he saw a woman. Her beauty captured him so intently he couldn't help but express himself.

"So beautiful."

Face tilted, her gaze locked with his. Ethan's breath stilled. Had she heard him? Expressionless she stood and tentatively stepped forward.

Her exquisite looks grabbed hold of his lungs and squeezed the air from them. Long, jet black hair. Lips full and heart-shaped. High cheekbones that begged a caress. And eyes a velvety blue, much like the sapphires that decorated the mirror.

"Are you my new master?"

His muscles tightened. She'd spoken. Impossible. His loss of sleep had evidently caught up with him.

She took another step closer. Her sheer transparent gown outlined every scintillating curve of her body.

"Are you not able to hear me?"

Her rich, seductive voice was laced with an accent he couldn't quite place.

Ethan wet his lips. "Y-yes I can hear you, but..."

"Are you my new master?"

The sight of her distracted him terribly. "Pardon?"

She sighed and repeated the question. "Are you the master of the mirror?"

"No, I'm not the master." The very word sounded foreign to his ears.

Her thin dark brows furrowed. "Then, if I may ask, who is?"

He wasn't sure he understood the question. "No one. The mirror belongs to the museum."

She briefly looked beyond him. "Who owns the museum?"

Ethan brought a finger to his chest. "I do."

A brilliant smile etched her lips. "Then you are my master. I am yours."

~Ann Cory


Lynn Proctor said...

beautiful words

Savannah Chase said...

So amazing...

Sandra said...

Oh, my! This should be interesting.

Anonymous said...

Highly sensual. Great sample!

Lindsay said...

Interesting. Very interesting and intriguing

J. Gunnar Grey said...

I Dream of Jeanne, all grown up. Oh, this sounds goooood.