Monday, April 30, 2012

Couple Getaways - Z - Zoo

Believe it or not, the zoo can be romantic. Especially in the summertime. And especially at the Portland Zoo. Well, okay, I'm a bit bias because I've been going to the Portland zoo since I was three, but regardless, I'm constantly amazed at how well the animals are taken care of, and how much the zookeepers care about the animals. The exhibits are incredible. There are animals at the Portland zoo that you won't find at other zoos. Careful attention is given to the animals' needs and their habitats. The zoo is constantly expanding as they work hard to keep the animals happy in their environment.

At Christmas time the whole park is lit up, even the train. For Halloween they make it a bit spooky - fun spooky with the zoo boo train.

Trains run all throughout the day, but my absolute favorite is the cute little steam train. Peacocks strut around the tracks with their gorgeous fan of colors. There are often music shows and festivals during the summer, shows where you learn about eagles and hawks and owls. There's a long winding trail that is just breathtaking that takes you to the beavers, otters, and a scary crocodile.

One of my favorite exhibits is the rainforest where you'll find an array of exotic birds. The polar bear exhibit is huge and the bears are often in the water playing with toys. I don't know, they're so big they kind of scare me. Huge bodies, huge paws...*shivers*

I always get a laugh at the penguins. Other animals to see include giraffes, zebras, cranes, lions, tigers, and bears (oh my), antelope, a seriously cool mountain goat, all sorts of monkeys, elephants (Packy is Portland's very special elephant), wolves, bats, and well...let's just say many many more.

Despite it being a zoo, where of course there are a ton of kids running around, there are moments of peacefulness to be found. Hubby and I walk hand in hand and enjoy a picnic on the grass.

I hope you've enjoyed the A-Z challenge. Thank you to everyone who stopped by, but a special thank you goes out to Lynn Proctor and Savannah Chase. I've had a wonderful time learning about new places as well as reliving memories of the places I've been. In all honesty you can make any place a fun and romantic couple's getaway.

Ann Cory


Lynn Proctor said...

i love the zoo--i bet it looks great on the holidays!

Savannah Chase said...

I love going to the Zoo. I've never had the chance to go during the holidays but I'm sure it looks even more amazing.

Glynis said...

Yeah, I chose Zoo too! Nice to visit yours.

Jessica said...

Beautiful pictures! And, I agree - the zoo isn't just for children. It can be fun, relaxing, and definitely romantic.

New follower here, right at the tail end of the challenge!

A to Z Blogger & SF/Fantasy Writer @ Visions of Other Worlds

Liv said...

I went to the Portland Zoo a couple summers ago but not with the husband. I had my daughter and two of her friends with me, and traveling with three 12-year-olds was a total blast. The Portland Zoo is cool!