Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Couple Getaways - V - Verona

I'm hanging around Italy again because it's a place I long to visit. This time I'm hitting up Verona.

I don't know what it is about medieval/Renaissance/Elizabethan Era, but it's a time period I enjoy listening to the music, reading books about, and watching movies about. Such movies as Becoming Jane, Ever After, Romeo and Juliet (the 1968 version is my favorite), A Knight's Tale, King Arthur, Stage Beauty, Shakespeare in Love, Game of Thrones, Ladyhawke, Stardust, Lord of the Rings, and The Other Boelyn Girl to name a few, make me want to don the clothes and dance to the music. A very beautiful soundtrack to listen to is the Becoming Jane Soundtrack.

That era inspires me to write and be creative. So yes, I definitely want to go to Italy and spend a couple days in Umbria and then a couple days in the fair city of Verona. To walk the streets and take in the ambience.

Celebrated by Shakespeare, who made it famous as the romantic setting for the moving tale of Romeo and Juliet, Verona is a splendid, ancient corner of the Veneto region, nestling between the river Adige and Lake Garda, and intimately linked to their waters. With its wealth of Roman sites and streets of pink-hued medieval buildings, Verona has more in the way of sights than any other place in the Veneto except Venice itself.

All throughout April I've been posting about Couple Getaways as part of the A-Z Challenge. I hope you've enjoyed the destinations, and maybe a few have inspired you to put on your travel plans. It's almost at the end, but I do thank everyone who has taken the time to stop by.

~Ann Cory


Savannah Chase said...

Oh so wonderful. It makes me miss travel and Europe...

Lynn Proctor said...

it reminds me of watching the movie, letters to juliet-so lovely