Friday, March 16, 2012

Unladylike Behavior at Amazon Today Is Gratis

Today at Amazon, my f/f historical Unladylike Behavior is gratis - won't cost you a thing.

Scarlett Devane finds her status as a princess disheartening and lonely. Headstrong and defiant, she loathes her father’s many attempts to find her a suitor. She believes the men only want her for the fortune and nobility her status can bring them, and shuns any attempt to marry.

She seeks refuge with her sultry chambermaid as they partake in unladylike behavior in the gardens outside the castle. Desperate to be with the one she loves, Scarlett tries to find a way around centuries of tradition.


There was a subtle hint of naughtiness in the air. Scarlett strolled silently as a cat, careful to not awaken anyone. In her satin robe, the summer’s moon drenched her skin. As she lay among the soft meadow grass, the crickets rubbed their legs and played a midnight lullaby. She waited for her lover to arrive and whisk her away to delicious heights of unladylike behavior.

The sky was filled with sparkling trinkets, a jewelry box of precious gems with a story to accompany each one. She wondered which tale her lover would enlighten her with this night.

Her muscles tensed as a rustle came from the rose bushes. Silently she prayed it was only a small animal, and not one of the meddling guards. The brute-like men were always traipsing about, watching over her like she was an unruly child, rather than a woman with sexual needs.

“My lady,” a voice whispered as light as the wind. “I am here to attend to you now.”

Scarlett smiled and pushed herself up, eyeing the delicious silhouette of her lover. “Come out my little seductress, it is safe. I see no guards at this time.”

The sultry dark-haired beauty hired by her father, King Devane, served as her new chambermaid, and had caught Scarlett’s eye immediately. Her former servant had been an old and dowdy woman, rarely doing her work without fussing over one thing or another. After months of tantrums and stubborn pleas, her father gave in and fired the woman. He hoped she’d find someone to be a replacement mother.

Scarlett knew no one could ever replace her mother.

From Alicia’s first day, the two began with mild flirtations and suggestive whispers. A force neither could explain drew them together, and through it they developed a close bond. The basic tasks expected of the chambermaid gave way to exciting opportunities for exploring desires and convening together outside the palace walls.

It was only in the night, far away from the castle, when she could fully experience the maid’s true handiwork.

~Ann Cory

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