Monday, March 19, 2012

A Healthy Dose of Write Motivation

It's a Monday so it's time for a Write Motivation check in!

Good productive week. I finished my novella that I'd been polishing until my eyeballs bled. Okay, a bit over the top, but they were definitely bloodshot. And strained. But hey, you've gotta suffer for your art, right? Sure.

I've started a sexy steampunk story, and as of this morning hit 7k. I'm shooting for about 12k. I'm also reworking a previous WIP on the side, because really, I can't ever just work on one thing at a time. No, not me. It does feel good to be writing, creating, finding new characters to torture.

My March goals are as follows:

1) Edit minimum 6 pages, 4 days per week
2) Write for minimum 30 minutes 6 days per week
3) Update blog minimum 4 days per week
4) Social Network/blog comments minimum 3 days per week
5) Read minimum 30 minutes per day
6) Study craft minimum 30 minutes per day
7) Eat well, drink water, move body every day

What I accomplished:
1)I completed the novella, sent it off to my amazing CP's. Wrote the synopsis (if you read my post earlier this week you'll know that was a feat and a half), and will be submitting it off this afternoon. Woot! Feels good :)

2)I've written 7k on the new story and added 3k on the other one that now needs to be revised.

3)I've continued to blog every day. Go figure.

4)I visited many friends last week, which always feels good. I'm not always great at responding on my own blog, but I do try. I will continue to make rounds and visit friends.

5)Lots of reading :) I finished Wicked Lovely, and am halfway done with Dead Ironby Devon Monk. I also got the great honor to beta read a fabulous book that I can't wait to buy when it's published!! Great characters, intense plot, tons of action and emotion, and fun as well. I will be plugging this fantastic book when it gets closer to debut time - along with the fab author :)

6)My synopsis workshop is still going on and I've been incorporating the lessons into my synopsis. I want to learn to write these babies well! Practice, practice, grumble, practice.

7)I've eaten well, had plenty of water, and worked out 4 days this week. The weather has been nasty and the morning brrrr cold. So excited for spring!

So, novella polished, synopsis written, ready to submit. Cranked out half of a new story. Reworking older story. Feels good to be writing :)

I've done all this with the most exceptional cheering squad to help me get through some rough patches. Not sure I would've made it without the Write Motivation!

So what is Write Motivation?

Write Motivation is a wonderful group of lads and ladies who are super supportive, inspiring, creative, talented, and highly motivating. They are keeping me on my toes. And if I'm having a low point or what-not, they help boost my spirits :) You can hang with us at #writemotivation on Twitter or stop by the above link to learn more. We'd love for you to join us!

Thanks for hanging out with me here on my blog! Go forth and show this week that you aren't about to take it lying down!

~Ann Cory


Alessa Hinlo said...

Great job on your goals!

Jamie Dement (LadyJai) said...

Oh Awesome! Congratulations on finishing your WIP and starting more! I've just posted my update too! This weekend was not something that was a favorite, but I did manage to write/do writerly things Monday through Friday! :D

K.T. Hanna said...

Wow you are amazingly kicking butt. I'm so glad you're doing so well on your goals. Here's to some more butt kicking in March.

Stephanie said...

Wow, your list is twice as long and mine and I was feeling good about accomplishing my goals. Congratulations.

Rebekah Loper said...

You are doing wonderfully! Congrats on finishing the WIP, it's always such a relief when one more is done. :)

Liv said...

I loved Dead Iron! It was such a fun book. And I'm in awe of your accomplishments this week. Way to go!