Monday, March 26, 2012

Behind the Motivation

It's a Monday so it's time for a Write Motivation progress report!

What started as a great week, ended with a fizzle. I submitted my novella on Monday and ended up with another 2k on current WIP. I finished Dead Iron and started Voices of Dragons by Carrie Vaughn. However, late Wednesday I came down with the flu. Ugh. There my productivity ended.

Though I will say, Thursday I had a heck of a fever and some twisted story ideas came to me. Kind of scared me, in all honesty. Glad the fever is gone, lol. But enough about that. Onto the goals!

Here are the goals I made for March:

1) Edit minimum 6 pages, 4 days per week
2) Write for minimum 30 minutes 6 days per week
3) Update blog minimum 4 days per week
4) Social Network/blog comments minimum 3 days per week
5) Read minimum 30 minutes per day
6) Study craft minimum 30 minutes per day
7) Eat well, drink water, move body every day

What I accomplished:
1)I sent off the novella. Whew, what a feeling :) Now I pretend that I'm a super patient person and don't mind how long it takes to hear back. Cause, you know, I have plenty of things to work on and keep me busy. No need to check my email countless times. That would be silly ;) (yeah right)

2)I've written 2k on the new story and worked a little on the revisions until ravaged by the nasty flu bug.

3)I missed two blog days. Not bad. This is where writing posts for blogs early on would've come in handy. Ah well, lesson learned.

4)I didn't get to visit near enough people this week.

5)I couldn't keep my eyes open long enough to do anything. Before the flu, I'd finished Dead Iron and started on Voices of Dragons. So many books to read...hope I get to them soon.

6)I need to catch up on my synopsis workshop. We're coming to the end soon, so I'm going to have to get the homework completed and turned in.

7)The whole eat right, exercise, sleep thing pretty much went out the window. I hope to be back on track this week. I miss my routine. After two days of snow (on the first two days of spring) I'm more ready than anything for sunshine, and lots of it.

So, not much can be done. No sense getting upset with myself or dwelling on how much I'm behind. All I can do is pick up and push on. And okay, maybe I check the email a few times more than I should...not about that novella...huh uh. I'm so patient!

I truly missed my #writemotivation! Both the giving and receiving end.

So what is Write Motivation?

Write Motivation is a wonderful group of lads and ladies who are super supportive, inspiring, creative, talented, and highly motivating. They are keeping me on my toes. And if I'm having a low point or what-not, they help boost my spirits :) You can hang with us at #writemotivation on Twitter or stop by the above link to learn more. We'd love for you to join us!

Thanks for stopping by!

~Ann Cory


Jamie Dement (LadyJai) said...

Awww, Ann! I hope you are feeling better now! We missed you on Twitter! It just wasn't the same. Don't worry about meeting your goals while sick. Your health comes first!!!

K.T. Hanna said...

I hope you're feeling better soon. We really missed you around the hashtag <3
Goals are goals, but life is life and in this case life butted in.

Don't worry about it!

Liv said...

I'd be interested in hearing what you thought of Dead Iron. I thought the author got an amazing amount of sexual tension between the main characters (whose names I'm forgetting right now - read it awhile ago) considering they barely touched each other. What did you think?
Hope you're feeling better...