Saturday, March 31, 2012

Into the Blue - Sweet Saturday Sample

Happy Saturday!

Today I'm taking part in Sweet Saturday Samples. This sample comes from my book Into the Blue available now at Amazon.

Samantha Jensen walked to the edge of the diving board. The water in the pool looked impossibly blue. Almost cerulean. It called to her. Begged her to slip into its liquid paradise and escape the record high temperatures of the afternoon. The Santa Ana winds had picked up that morning and, mixed with the mid-summer humidity, made it hotter than usual. Unable to resist, she dove in headfirst. Into the blue.

The surge of water against her breasts gave her instant relief. While far from cool, it offered a momentary respite. She moved her body like a mermaid along the bottom and admired the intricate tile work. Above she watched the water ripple. Gold rays from the sun splashed the surface like splotches of paint. So peaceful. So serene. She'd always felt safe in the blue. It was a place she went in her mind as a child. No one bothered her there.

No one made her play favorites.

No one else was allowed in.

~Ann Cory


Savannah Chase said...

Now I want to go swimming...I have to read this book as well. I have so much catching up to do...

Sandy Nachlinger said...

What a nice scene. I like the detail of the tile on the pool's bottom, and I can almost feel the cool water enveloping Samantha on that hot summer day. Good job.

Jenna said...

Love the idea that into the blue is not just her physical respite but a mental paradise as well, where no one else is allowed in. We all need that private place sometimes. Very nice sample.

Elaine Cantrell said...

Lovely scene.