Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Secrets in the Annex excerpt

Secrets in the Annex available on Kindle

Can the luck and love of a chimney sweep, be enough to rescue a woman, trapped in an annex that holds many dark secrets?

Kaelyn is a former maid who used to clean the annex for the Ruthferd's. Ever since a terrifying fire broke out in the annex, she has been trapped within the chimney, desperate to get out. She waits for a man to rescue her in more ways than one, and breathe new life into her somber soul.

Rand enjoys his job as a chimney sweep and especially likes to work for the Ruthferd's, a rich and prominent family in central London. He is asked to clean the fireplace and chimney inside the newly remodeled annex, though what he finds inside is more than ash and soot. A smoldering woman emerges from inside the fiery tomb and fuels him with passion.

Through his gentle touch, and her seductive moves, they are swept away in the heat of the moment, and forge a bond that goes beyond a lifetime.


"...twists and turns and spine-tingling moments.a spellbinding journey of riveting events."
~ TRS, 5 Hearts

"If readers are looking for a short sexy story with a few very enticing twists in the story, than Secrets in the Annex is a book for them."
~ Reviewed by Kelley A. Hartsell

".weaves elements of the paranormal and of historical social issues into the mix, tantalizing readers with glimpses beyond consensus reality."
~ TwoLips Reviews

"...plot pulled me in and held me tightly until the very end.paranormal twists and a bit of history cleverly thrown making it all the more appealing."
- Just Erotic Romance Reviews, 4.5 Stars

"...a mixture of suspense, romance and tenderness...with that bit of something extra to make it stand apart from the rest."
~ Romance Junkies, 4.5 Ribbons

"...an amazing story! I could hear the accents of these characters and feel
the passion between them."
~ FAR, 5 Angels


Kaelyn had noticed the moment a sense of change had enveloped the house. Was it possible he had returned, and she would be rescued? The smidgeon of hope she'd been holding onto suddenly grew stronger. When she closed her eyes, she saw his hands, and the blinding, white-hot light. The glare had been overbearing, burning deep within her amber orbs. Why had he not come back to save her? Had he not heard her cries and pleas for help? She would take it all back if she could, and lay with him, letting his fingers play across her naked body. She'd allow his lips to wander between her thighs, his hair tickle across her taut belly.

She carried a heavy load of guilt and shame. There were moments he had made her feel special and cared about, treating her in ways she'd never experienced. His tender words about how much she'd meant to him still rang in her ears. They could not have been lies; wouldn't she have seen the falseness in his eyes? In many ways, she'd let their relationship go too far, and yet they hadn't gone far enough.

Kaelyn didn't know whether to draw attention to herself or wait and let him make the first move. It didn't matter one way or the other. What mattered was that her dreams were about to come true; love would be given a second chance.

Fantasies filled her mind of what he would say. No doubt he'd be full of apologies for making her wait so long, and maybe she'd torture him a little. Then she'd make him see she was true to her words. She had waited and still wanted him. Time had little meaning where love was concerned. When she'd expressed her feelings to him, or what she'd believed were her feelings, the wrong person had discovered them. What had become of her self-respect and dignity? In retrospect, it had all become a vicious game; one that ended with permanent scars.

From her black perch, she watched. His physique and the way he carried himself were different. If anything, he was more stunning than she'd let herself admit before, younger even. She couldn't keep her eyes off him as he roamed about the house, his moves stirring up a gamut of emotions. She knew better than to watch him when the missus was around, but she stole looks when she could, just as he had of her.

Now he'd returned and was close enough that she could smell a subtle peppermint scent, a refreshing aroma compared to the stale smell of burnt wood. Impatience set in, and she fidgeted. Why wouldn't he look up? He knew she was there. Did he think it a game? Had she done something wrong, and he wished to punish her more? It didn't seem right; she'd suffered more than anyone should have to, but now wasn't the time to pity herself or her situation. When he promised to come back for her, she'd taken his word as pure gold. He had to return, he just had to. Surely he would have decided by now, and he must have chosen her. Kaelyn's heart was not something to be given out to just anyone.

She would allot him a little more time. Being a lady meant biting her tongue about things. She longed for him to be like the heroes she read about in books, slipping strong, muscular arms around her petite form to carry her to safety. A thick cock to plunge between her legs while her cries echoed into the night. Waiting was something she'd grown accustomed to, and wait she would. Kaelyn turned to her companion perched beside her. Quietly, she whispered to it, telling it to be her eyes and not let him leave without finding her.

Kaelyn watched the man work, admiring his strength and determination. She couldn't wait to give herself to him, straddle his body and ride him in a selfish fit of pleasure. Moisture between her thighs thickened at the thought. Yes, she would have him, and everything would go back to the way it was supposed to be.

She reached down her body and slipped her fingers up into the moisture. A gasp escaped her throat. It was his fault she would have to get herself off. The cravings of a fierce climax were heightened, and her thighs trembled. Kaelyn stretched her legs and propped them on either side of the chimney wall, the heels of her feet resting on the wrought iron ladder rungs. With thoughts on his cock thrusting where her fingers stroked, she manipulated her clit.

Her breath increased, and she struggled against the need to cough. The soot was thick in her lungs, but she refused to let it distract her. A swirl of heat drove from her abdomen, and she quickened her motions. Kaelyn bit her cheeks as a fierce climax spread through her body. The heady scent of her sex mingled with the ashen smell and made her giddy. Through glazed eyes, she watched the man below, her body continuing its spasms. Soon she would experience his thick length.


Savannah Chase said...

Ann, I have not read this book yet but it sounds like a wonderful story..I like what I've read so far here on your site.

Anonymous said...

This is certainly going on my TBR pile.