Friday, March 09, 2012

Celebrate Your Accomplishments

How often do you celebrate your accomplishments?

How big do those accomplishments have to be for you to celebrate?

If you only celebrate the big stuff, you may be missing out on some key factors to staying motivated and productive.

When you cross off another goal for the day, do you pause long enough to pat yourself on the back? Do a victory dance? Cheer? Or do you just focus on what you have left to do.

A great motivator to some serious goal-busting is honoring yourself with a reward. It can lead to a healthier and more positive outlook.

I like to reward myself with time. I feel I never have enough. And in the past I tended to put off doing things for myself. At the end of the day I'd be proud of all that I completed, but lacked that extra boost. Now I take that reward time and turn it into reading time.

Perhaps you'd rather spend that time doing something else. Taking a bath. Having a true tea time complete with pretty tablesetting, a teapot, and finger sandwiches. Time where you're unplugged and meditate. Time for a walk. Time in the garden. Time to listen to music. So many rewards. So healthy.

Don't wait for the big stuff to celebrate. Honor the small things you do in a day. Maybe it's writing 250 words. Maybe it's writing a book blurb. Maybe it's commenting on a friend's blog, or taking time to show support for someone else. These are all valuable, and your time is valuable.

What do you do to celebrate completing your goals?

~Ann Cory


Stacy Green said...

Nice point. When I signed my book contract, I celebrated with an incredibly fattening meal and a strawberry margarita, lol. But I don't celebrate the smaller accomplishments - like meeting my word count or actually getting the house clean - nearly enough.

Savannah Chase said...

I think that we get so wrapped up and lost in life we forget to celebrate the little things...We need to be more happy and celebrate every step in our life..

Jan Springer said...

Usually I do a quick wooot and pop over to the next goal...I must take your advice, Ann. :-)

I do celebrate the big accomplishments with a Dairy Queen hot fudge sundae...maybe I will celebrate the small ones with a small DQ sundae instead and work my way up to the big sundae? LOL. Kidding! Too much DQ, not good for hips *jan lashing herself with her spaghetti whips as a gentle reminder*

Great post!!


Liv said...

I just treated myself to a pedicure. Now I have blue toenails with little white flowers on them. It's been a long time since something made me this happy.