Thursday, March 22, 2012

Creature Corner Wyverns and Drakes

While Wyverns and Drakes are both cousins to dragons, there are differences between the two.

Wyverns are aggressive creatures, better known in England. These creatures are associated with envy, pestilence, and war, and were known to have spread the plague. Their wings are much like a bat in that they are derived from the forelimbs. They have a distinctive two-legged stance. Wyverns are mainly found in the woods and forest areas. Though they're also found along cliffs. They have eagle-like talons and barbed stings on the tip of their tails.

Drakes are more timid creatures, and typically found in Germanic and Celtic mythology. Their wings are developed from extended ribs, much like a dragon. They're found in remote mountain areas, as well as in caverns where it's said that they're attracted to shiny objects. While they don't breathe fire, they have been called firedrakes due to their toxic blood which is saturated with sulphur salt, and is flammable.

I've not written a story about dragons yet, much less wyverns or drakes, but after having done a little research on them, I may try my hand at it someday. Currently I'm reading Carrie Vaughn's Voices of Dragons, which gave me a little inspiration for this post.

Do you have a favorite book that features a dragon of some sort?

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