Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What If Wednesday!

It's What If Wednesday. Each Wednesday I will have three questions posted. Choose to answer one, two, or all three questions. Why? Well that doesn't matter - it's all about What If? (And it's fun). Plus it gives me extra time to work on tomorrow's topic :) So here goes:

What if you had to give up all of your clothes except one item. What piece of clothing would you keep?

What if you could go go on tour with your favorite singer/band? Which singer/band would you choose?

What if you could shapeshift into an animal. What animal would you choose?

~Ann Cory


Romantic Heretic said...

One piece of clothing? My hand painted tiger sweatshirt.

Band to tour with? Either Spirit of The West or The New Pornographers.

Animal? Tiger. I like tigers.

Ann Cory said...

Tigers are so beautiful - love them :) I'm not familiar with Spirit of the West - I'm going to need to look them up :)

Thanks so much for stopping by Romantic Heretic! Woo hoo :)

Jude Mason said...

One piece of clothing: OMG, it'd be fluffy and cover a lot of me. Bathrobe maybe. Jeeze!

Band: For me this is a no brainer. Queen, and yes, I know Freddie died. But I love them all and I want to meet/party/dine/ and much more with them.

Animal: A cat, probably a cougar. I know about them, so that might work the best.

So, where's your answers, lady?!


Ann Cory said...

Lol Jude! A fuzzy bathrobe would be a lovely item to have - and very versatile :) Cougars are very cool!

My answers? Hmm - I'd want some shirt of my hubby's. I'd tour with Sick Puppies. And for the animal I'd say...wolf.