Saturday, May 21, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

Someone very sweet and wonderful sent me sunshine in my email today :) Who? The amazing and lovely Elizabeth W. Gibson :) What did she send? The Versatile Blogger Award :) What did I do? Well I danced around the house, sillies :) Why? Because it's always an honor to receive an award - no matter the award. AND it's even more special when you receive an award from someone you admire.

So by accepting this award (which I do) I am also accepting the rules that go along with it. I'm supposed to share seven facts about me. I know, snooze right? But since I really really want this award, okaaaaay.

1) I drink peppermint tea every morning. Two cups on a good day :)

2) Cheese is my food of choice because it pairs with my drink of choice...which leads into fact #3

3) Red wine is my drink of choice. Especially when shared with my hubby :)

4) I love musicals - Phantom of the Opera is my favorite with Grease second

5) My favorite book ever is Anne of Green Gables

6) I LOVE rock concerts and frequent them often - never too old to rock!

7) My dream vacation spots are Ireland and New Zealand

And the other rule by accepting this fabu award (which, I do) is to nominate another Versatile Blogger. That's super easy to do! I love to stop by Castles and Guns. The name excites me and their topics thrill me :)

Yay! Thanks again to Elizabeth for the award - I'd say it's definitely a second cup of tea day!

~Ann Cory

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EW Gibson said...

You're welcome, but truly it was my pleasure.