Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Now out on Kindle!

You can now find both Angel with a Blade and Bard of Bristol on Kindle!

Looking for a sweet and sensual historical romance?
Angel with a Blade is now available for Kindle.

Using rune stones as her guide, natural healer Rebecca travels to aid those who need her. Armed with her basket of tonics and a sword, she travels to her next destination, Blatsfort , England. At first glance, a handsome gentleman stirs her desires and makes her question the solitary path she has chosen.

But their sweet exchange turns sour when the gentleman is poisoned by men seeking to rob him of his fortune. Unable to deny her growing affections, Rebecca gathers her sword and all her courage, knowing in her heart she was meant to save him.


Looking for a little more spice to your historical romance? You might like Bard of Bristol also now available for your Kindle.

When famous Bard, Leif Garnette, comes to a small out-of-the-way village with the intent to a write a book of women's fantasies, he's met with a strong-willed woman who leaves him scrambling for words.

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