Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What If Wednesday!

It's What If Wednesday. Each Wednesday I will have three questions posted. Choose to answer one, two, or all three questions. Why? Well that doesn't matter - it's all about What If? (And it's fun).

What if you could change the color of your car anytime you wanted with a flip of the switch? Would you bother? If so, what color would you choose? What about patterns or symbols?

What if you really could jump into a chalk drawing on the sidewalk? What picture would you choose? Where would you go?

What if you went down to Fraggle Rock? Which fraggle would you want to party with?



Jaime Samms said...

The hair? For sure. All the colours of the rainbow. A different colour every day. I would love to be able to do that. I have faded pink and blue streaks right now. Faded because I can't afford to get them done again.

The chalk drawing? Probably. Simon had loads of fun, didn't he?

And I would have to say, i'd hang out with the mystic chick She seems like she knows what's going on. I always liked her.

Ann Cory said...

Great answers Jaime :) Thanks so much for stopping by! I miss Fraggle Rock - woke up singing the theme song this morning, lol. I knew Fraggles had to be incorporated into my day somehow.


RL Johnson said...

Of course I would! I would change the color all the time to match my outfit. Maybe even while on the go just to try to shock people. lol.

Not sure about the chalk drawing, only if I had a friend to go along with me.

And I don't think it's right to have to pick only one fraggle. I'll have to pull it up on netflix again and get back to you on that one.

Ann Cory said...

Lol :) Thanks RL - I hear you about the Fraggles. I think they're all great.

I think I'd choose pink with white swirls.

As to the chalk drawings - somewhere beautiful and quiet, perhaps a meadow...but I'm not certain.

Ann Cory said...

Lol - I love all the fraggles - choosing one would be tough for me too :)