Saturday, May 07, 2011

Going on an Artist's Date

If you've read The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron, then you know all about taking yourself on an artist's date. There are many local places I take my artist self: To a bookstore, a walk in the woods, to anywhere pretty and inspiring like a flower garden or a nursery, to a gallery, anywhere that boosts my creativity.

It isn't about spending money, it's about treating yourself. It's about spending time with yourself and allowing that inner child and perhaps some hidden creativity to come out and play.

A wonderful way to accomplish both without leaving home is with crayons. I will always believe crayons are magical. You start with a blank piece of paper or even a coloring book, grab crayons (or colored pencils) and with the first stroke you've created. You don't have to make a masterpiece or make it perfect. You don't have to color within the lines. You can add polka dots and stripes, or funky squiggles. It's whatever you want. And you reconnect with that inner child.

If you haven't colored in awhile, take out fifteen or twenty minutes in your day, and go for it. Find a couple coloring books at the dollar store. Or print out some free pictures online and make your own coloring book. You don't need an entire box of crayons, just grab a few. Take your artist self out on a date and reconnect with that childlike self inside you that is very much present and waits for the times when you let them play. It's a wonderful way to boost your creativity!

Ann Cory

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