Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Release - Patchouli Dreams

I’m excited to announce that my erotic romance, Patchouli Dreams, is now available at All Romance Ebooks and also on Kindle

Lovers from another century?

When Marilyn Sommers inherits a beautiful Gothic-style house, she has no idea its past and hers are intertwined. In the room upstairs, the scent of patchouli lingers, a scent that reminds her of Mason Donahue, the guy she dated her senior year. The guy that got away.

Marilyn decides to host a get-together, and invites Mason and two of her girlfriends. It’s a night to revisit the past, and a night that could change the future.


Mason’s profile passed by the windows and stopped at the door. Amy and Nicole came up behind Marilyn nearly jolting her out of her skin.

“Aren’t you going to let him in?”

“What? Oh, yeah. Sorry.” Her laugh wasn’t genuine, but her nerves were.

She forced down the lump of bile in her throat and imagined the hallway elongated to three times its normal length. Life was flashing before her eyes and suddenly she wanted to run and hide. She’d made a terrible mistake in arranging all this.

“If you’re not going to let him in, I will.” Amy made a move for the door.

Marilyn put her arm out to bar her way. “No, I’m going.”

She willed her feet to move forward. Why were there drums playing inside her chest? Her heart sounded ready to explode. Slowly she reached for the doorknob, her fingers slick with perspiration. Simultaneous chills and heat waves raged inside her body, and all the blood drained from her face. Marilyn turned the knob and pulled open the door.

Mason’s pale lips formed into a thin smile, exacerbating his sexy left dimple. A duffle bag hung over his shoulder and a folded denim jacket lay over his other arm. All the breath left her lungs like she’d been internally vacuum-packed. After ten years the man she had never gotten over stood in her house looking even dreamier than before.

Marilyn’s lips formed the word hello, but her voice didn’t follow, so she smiled and stepped back so he could come inside.

“Hey ladies, long time no see.” He turned and eyed her. “A little too long.”

Mason’s voice was honey on a fresh buttermilk biscuit. Standing in her house, only a couple feet away, was the boy she’d been infatuated with since the day she laid eyes on him. Inseparable high school, they decided to date exclusively at the beginning of their senior year. Marilyn never tired of being by his side. When they weren’t together, she dreamed about him, wrote poems and stories, and fawned over pictures.

The luminous quality about his existence was something she couldn’t explain, like she’d known him before, some other time, some other life. This felt like only one of a series of reunions they’d taken part in.

She would need him to confirm her feelings in order for the night to take the path she’d been hoping for.

Mason shook the duffle bag off his shoulder and let it drop to the floor.

“Hey Mare. You look sensational.”

Too nervous to say a word, she nodded instead.

He stretched open his arms and leaned in, waiting for her to meet him halfway. When she didn’t return his affectionate greeting he stepped forward and embraced her. She caught a whiff of the familiar patchouli and her body thrummed.

Her Mason had returned.

~Ann Cory

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