Thursday, March 02, 2006

Vampire Hunter: Book 1 - Vintages

Coming soon!
Vampire Hunter: Book 1 - Vintages
from Silk's Vault

Blurb(copyright 2005)
As a vampire hunter, Regan does her job well and fast. She likes her men the same way, but they tend to be a problem. A bar in the seedy downtown area is serving up some fancy new wine, called Vintages that cater to the nightwalkers that frequent it. A drink made of pure blood. Regan is hired to find out where the supply is coming from and who is behind it.


Caffey said...

Ann, I read the excerpts on this at the group chat the other day. Wow, so good! I didn't get to ask you, but are these novella's, novels? I'm glad too its a series, one we can look forward to more. I for one love series, being able to go back to visit characters and settings.

Ann Cory said...

Vampire Hunter is a trilogy and I'd say they are all in the 14,000 or so somewhere between a short story and novella. When I finished writing this story, I realized I wasn't done with the character...while one thing had ended, another was about to begin :)

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