Friday, March 17, 2006

Kiss Me I'm Irish!!!

Okay, I'm part Irish but I still party just as hard today :) The tables are decorated with green four leaf clovers and lots of clover confetti!!!!

Real quick I want to say THANK YOU again to everyone who stopped by the Amorous Authors' was an absolute blast!!! I've contacted the 4 winners from my contests already. Remember that if you join my Aphrodisiacs for the Mind Newsletter(no chatter group) you are automatically entered into my monthly contests. For a peek at this month's contest, go to: Ann Cory Contest
and sign up from there! Next month will be gift certificates and earrings!

Today I'll be working on a story that is almost finished, starting on another, and getting caught up from when I was sick. Plus lots of yummy cooking for tonight!


Y said...

Have a GREAT weekend! Just signed up for the newsletter... don't know why it took me this long!

Ann Cory said...

Hey miss Y! Ya know, I could have sworn you were on there to or I would have sent you an invite ages ago!!! *smacks forehead* MUAH!

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