Thursday, March 30, 2006

To Dress or not to Dress?

Dressing the Empress will be out April 1st from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid! It's a naughty story loosely(clothes and all) based on The Emperor's New Clothes.

A spoiled Empress learns a lesson in vanity the hard way when a French designer comes to create barely-there couture for her.

excerpt: (copyright 2005)

Riona walked down the hallway, swallowing a heavy lump jammed in her throat. What was going on? Why could she not see the dress? Her heart pounded in her chest. She decided against waiting for Cassie to help her. She was feeling much too upset and vulnerable.

She walked into her room and nearly ran into the maid.

Cassie put her hand to her mouth and gasped. “My Lady, I was just on my way to assist you.”

The Empress rolled on some silk stockings and attached them with garters to her lacy white satin pantalets.

“If you wouldn’t mind tying my corset in the back, I’d appreciate it.”

Cassie jumped at the request and grabbed the laces. “This is so exciting miss. Just think; you’ll be wearing a creation by the famed Frenchman.”

Riona wanted to be excited but it bothered her she couldn’t see it, or appreciate it. She had been born into royalty. How could she not see the finest of silk?

“There, you’re all laced up. Now quickly please, my Lady, I am going to burst if I don’t see you in the dress.”

She pretended to have laid the dress on the bed and went over to pick it up. Carefully she pulled herself into it as she would any other dress. For a moment she thought she felt something, go around her neck, but realized it was only her hair slipping along her shoulders. With a deep sigh, she turned around and held her arms out to the side.

“Fasten up the buttons in back and tell me what you think.”

Cassie’s eyes lit up like tiny jewels. Her fingers quickly skimmed against Riona’s flesh. “It’s lovely, my Lady. The color is perfect for your skin tone, just as Gustav promised.”

Knowing her maid wouldn’t dare lie, she raised her chin and proudly walked down the staircase to the main floor.

Several people passed by her, eyebrows arched and whispers running rampant. It was just as Gustav said. All eyes were on her, with merry twinkles in the eyes of the older gentlemen, and fond looks from the younger ones.

Smiling to herself, she walked outside. A cool breeze brushed along her skin. For a second she swore she was naked. But she couldn’t be. She turned and noticed people crowding around the doorway and steps, still staring and talking. It was her shining moment and she felt loved. Never mind the fact she couldn’t see it for herself; the others did, and they were the ones who would talk, spreading to all the important people how beautiful she was. She figured it was truly a spectacular gown to garner so much attention.


snowflake said...

The worst thing I've ever had to wear was a fluorescent pink T-shirt that make me look perpetually sick.


I have a picture of me when I was may be around 8 years old. I have on a red&white checkered pants and little bright red jacket type top. I don't know where the heck I was going but I wish my mom never let me out of the house wearing that outfit much less take a picture.

Lia said...

That's a tantalizing cover. Very nice.

Pam P. said...

The worst for me wasn't clothes, it was the hairdo!
My mother used to do those banana curls on me and my sister, and we outgrew them long before she did, lol. How embarassing as we reached the early age of getting interested in boys and looking like Shirley Temple. But she insisted, and I was luckier than my sister since my hair was so fine and straight normally, so as soon as left the house, I brushed those curls right out. My sister finally threatened to cut hers off if she didn't stop putting those rollers in at night, lol.

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