Monday, March 13, 2006

Playing Catch Up and a nice review!

The nasty flu is finally starting to leave me now! I have so much to catch up on from last week it's not even funny. The hardest thing about being sick when you are a writer is that there isn't anyone who can come and take your place. I can call in sick, but there's no replacement, lol.

I received a very flattering review from JERR for Torrid Teasers Vol. 2 that I share with Jane Leopold Quinn. Here's what the reviewer, Trang Black, said about Snowbound:
4 Stars
Throughout this short story, Emily is presented with the opportunity to see how her life could be different, enjoying the quiet and slower pace. Their attraction to each other does occur quickly but it feels realistic. The chemistry between them fairly sizzles and their sexual encounters are pretty fantastic. There’s just enough story to hook you and have you wanting more…I know I liked these two and was rooting for their happy ending.


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