Monday, March 20, 2006

Feng Shui & Silk's Vault

What a gorgeous weekend it was!! I didn't do much but sweetie and I took a walk and sat on a park bench looking out at a gorgeous view. It was peaceful, quiet, and probably the nicest thing we could have done. The flu still wants to linger on, but I'm feeling a little bit more energy coming back.

This week I have a workshop I'm taking called Feng Shui...move your clutter, move your stuff! I'm curious to learn how I can be better organized. My desk is....a total MESS! Every time I clean it, I swear it's a mess by the next day...and so very frustrating! I don't have time to keep cleaning it, so I hope to get some techniques. It's a 2 week class, so I'll keep you guys posted. First lesson starts in about an hour.

Ah, let's I have much to catch up on since I took the whole weekend off from working. Join me today at 6pm - 7pm EST at FAR as I talk about both of my upcoming Silk's Vault releases: Vampire Hunter: Book 1 - Vintages and Night of the Nogitsune: Book 1 - Wanted. I LOVE the covers for these :) Hope to see you there!!!

Other good news, I got my poem Still Moments accepted by Oysters & Chocolate and it will be up in their April issue :)

Let's see...I'm stalling. lol I better get to work.

Everyone, have a great day!!!

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