Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Butterfly Kisses cover!

Well, I'm thrilled, another beautiful cover! Because this story has some sweet spots, some serious spots, and some risque spots...I didn't want the cover to be too erotic or explicit. I don't think that would have done it justice. This cover fits the title and story to a T!!!

Brief bit about Butterfly Kisses:
Charlene ends up in the hospital unable to feel her legs after an accident during a swim competition.
Bryan, her fiancé and greatest supporter, must find a way to raise her darkening spirits.
More than anything, Charlene yearns to feel Bryan’s signature butterfly kisses grace along her inner thighs.


Stella Price said...

Ann the book looks fab!

Annie Owl in GA said...

Great cover, intriguing blurb! sounds like another winner, Ann!
Annie Owl in GA

Ann Cory said...

You're making me blush and stuff Stella...shucks. Thank you :)


Ann Cory said...

Thanks Annie...you are so sweet to say that!!!

~Ann :)

Sara Dennis said...

Cute cover, Ann!

Ann Cory said...

Thanks Sara :) I'm still clapping my hands about it, lol :)

Loribelle Hunt said...

Wonderful Ann!

Ann Cory said...

Ah miss Loribelle, I love to say your name :) Thank you hon!

Anonymous said...

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