Monday, June 26, 2006

Vampire Hunter: Book 1 - Vintages Blurb

Vampire Hunter: Book 1 - Vintages by Ann Cory is now available from Silk's Vault
Vampire Hunter Book 1

As a vampire hunter, Regan does her job well and fast. She likes her men the same way, but they tend to be a problem. A bar in the seedy downtown area is serving up some fancy new wine, called Vintages that cater to the nightwalkers that frequent it. A drink made of pure blood.

Regan is hired to find out where the supply is coming from and who is behind it. While no longer a vampire herself, Regan still retains many of her special abilities, which come in handy in dangerous situations. Decked out in black leather and toting a tough as nails attitude, she finds distraction in a sexy bartender named Garrett, who strips away her clothes, and her resistance.

The further Regan explorers the bar, the more disturbing things she finds: carboys filled with blood in an underground laboratory, bodies drained of blood stacked in a cold room, and shadows that follow Regan’s every move. Once she learns that she is being lured into a trap, she has to come up with a new plan.

Relick and his vampire accomplices try to stop Regan, but they need her alive. Her blood is of noble blood and they want to use it to create a new society of vampires. Vampires that are far stronger and more deadly than any other.

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