Monday, June 05, 2006

Farah Moans by Ann Cory

While on location during the making of a horror movie Ghostly Taunts, Farah feels she deserves star treatment. After all, she’s got a gorgeous body, beautiful hair, and a perfected horror scream that makes her one of the most sought after actresses of her time. She’s used to getting her way, but the hunky director, Ted, doesn’t give in to her stubborn ways. A distinct scent accompanies Ted whenever he comes near her, and it drives her wild. When she tries to explain to him about pheromones, he brushes her away. One day she’ll show him, and he won’t be directing all her moves.

Farah Moans by Ann Cory available now from Ocean's Mist Press!
Farah Moans


Shelli Stevens said...

Very cool, Ann! Sounds like a great book :) I had fun chatting with you on Friday! We definately have to get together some time, next time you come to Seattle. Or if I ever get down south!

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