Monday, February 20, 2006

Torrid Teasers Vol. 2

I share this volume with Jane Leopold Quinn. My story is titled Snowbound. It's a sexy little number sure to keep you warm during the evening chill :)

Sorry to have been absent for so long...lots on the go. Working on stories, series, novels, edits, promos, networking, reviews, and well of course the whole family and free time(yeah right) thing. Hopefully I'll start getting organized soon! February seems to be flying by fast...eek!!!

Anyway, I will do my best to be here on a daily basis :) Or at least, 5x's a week ;)

Ann Cory


Caffey said...

Oops, here's one I missed! Wow sounds fab Ann!

Ann Cory said...

Thanks Cathie :) I share it with Jane, so you get two great treats in one!! I think you'll like my character Heath in this one ;)

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