Thursday, February 23, 2006

Good things!!!

I've always heard that good things come to those who wait, but the problem is, I'm not a patient person. I still wait though. So, maybe my time is coming :) I wrote down all my goals for 2006 and it's crazy. I'll have to push myself, but I know I can do it :) Even though 90% of it does incorporate the WORK side, I do have a few fun and personal goals. I'm definitely going to walk on the beach more often!

I also wrote a book about someone deciding that 2006 was a year for changes. If you haven't read Promises of Patchouli for the New Year...why not??? Pop over to and grab yourself a copy :)


Caffey said...

Here's one I must get and read! Gee I missed like three in a month or so! You rock!

Ann Cory said...

LOL!! They all came out around the same it's hard to keep track. Jinger did another fabulous cover :)

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