Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Saucy Minx blurb

Minx is ready to try anything to catch the attention of the gorgeous regular at Pesto's Pizzeria, where she works part-time while attending Oregon State University. Thanks to her nighttime stint on a webzine she calls LOVE STINKS, a place she writes about people's reactions to scents, she decides to test how well aphrodisiacs work and adds them to the pizza sauce.

After a sinfully delicious bite of pizza, Holden finds himself unable to think about anything except Minx, the hot little dish who works at his favorite lunch stop. Between her fiery red hair and her luminous green eyes, he's completely smitten and can't seem to concentrate on his studies.

Things get spicy until Holden learns the truth on the webzine where Minx posts the details of their heated relationship.


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