Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Amorous Authors

Curious to know more about the Amorous Authors? Enjoy the works of Ann Cory, Brenda Williamson, Rayne Forrest, Twyla Dawn McKnight, and Monica M Martin? Sign up for our chat-free newsletter to get the latest news on each of the lovely ladies. The first newsletter goes out in March. Starting with April, there will be a free story in each newsletter from one of the Amorous Authors, as well as chances to win free goodies!

Until our debut on March 1st, please visit our boudoir at http://www.amorousauthors.com and say hello on our chat box!


Jeanne said...

Hi Ann!
visited your site and blog after receiving your comment on my blog
Like your site and I see you know several of my friends
Congratulations on your career!
Thanks for dropping in on me!

Ann Cory said...

Hi Jeanne :) Great to see you!! I'll have to drop in on you again I see ;) lol

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