Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Hot Read of the Month

My Hot Read of the Month was Shameless by Anne Stuart, part of her House of Rohan series.

Also included in the series: Breathless, Ruthless, and Reckless.

What made it hot? Viscount Benedick Francis Alistair Rohan. Enough said.

Gorgeous cover(love that blue dress), fun characters, exciting plot, hot intimate scenes, and fabulous male and female leads.

Hot Read of the Month is hosted by Book Savvy Babe.

What was your hot read of the month?

~Ann Cory


Lisa said...

Viscount does sound dashing! Sounds like a great read!

Check out my Hot Read!

Book Savvy Babe said...

I read a novella of that series, and now the rest of the books are on my TBR! Great pick for Hot Reads, thanks so much for joining in the meme! Book Savvy Babe

Liv said...

My hot read of the month is Impact by Cassandra Carr. I'm about half way through and am really enjoying it - except that I gave up naughty reading for Lent. I know I have lots of fun to look forward to!

Em said...

Have to try this one, looks like a steamy read.