Wednesday, November 29, 2006

When all else fails - Blame the Rain

Hi to everyone, hope you had a wonderful and relaxing Turkey Day. The family was home all 4 days and that meant no work got done *sigh* so this week I'm scrambling around like a turkey with its head cut off, trying to get caught up.

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What have you guys been up to?

I saw the movie Stranger Than Fiction and really enjoyed it. I like Will Ferrell, and thought he was fantastic in his role.

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My newest release, Blame the Rain is available now from Samhain Publishing!
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Genre: Contemporary Romance, Red Hots!
ISBN: 1-59998-172-6
Price: $2.50
Length: Short Story
Publication Date: November 28th, 2006
Cover art by Vanessa Hawthorne


Love—as unpredictable as the weather

When Sable Morrison drives into the back end of handsome Maxwell Benning’s new car, she is certain things will only get worse. Little has gone right in her life lately, and the last thing she needs is a new distraction.

Well-to-do Maxwell finds himself enamored over the beautiful stranger and treats her to an evening where inhibitions are left behind. He strongly believes fate had a hand in their accidental meeting, and does everything he can to make the night last.

While Sable is busy placing blame on herself for the evening’s events, Maxwell prefers to blame the rain.

For an excerpt, read Here as well as Here

Also, I'm so totally stoked to announce that I've just received my print copies of Melting Iron! I can officially lick the hot cover model's abs :) The book can be purchased at MBAM,, Barnes & Nobel, and even Walmart!!

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We got our first snow of the year 2 days ago and thankfully almost all traces of it are gone. I'm not a snow girl. I repeat NOT A SNOW GIRL. I know my Canadian hubby is used to it, but I'm not. My hope is that it doesn't return. I'm very comfortable having a green Christmas.

Question of the week:
What special gift would you ask for from our hunky Santa below? A)a sexy toy B) Sexy lingerie C) Satin sheets D) a week's worth of breakfasts/lunches/and dinners in bed E) A trip to anywhere as long as he's naked F) Other

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Edit Confessional:
I've been in the land of edits as of late - and still have more to do *gulp*. I have issues with edits and have to admit they aren't my favorite thing. I know they are a ncecessary evil, but usually when I'm through with a story - that's it. Unless I'm writing the sequel or a trilogy, I don't like getting back into the headspace of my characters. It's terrible, I probably shouldn't admit it - but it's very true.

I'm also polishing up my story Sex Marks the Spot which will be part of the A Pirate's Treasure Anthology coming in January from Mardi Gras Publishing, first as an ebook, then in print. The authors in the anthology include:
Cara North, Theresa Wayne, Jaden Sinclair, and of course - me :) If you'd like to see the mini trailer, click Here or if you aren't a fan of MySpace, you can also click Here

December is shaping up to be a busy month at The Story Board including the big December 13th reader's appreciation bash: Stuff Your eStocking Day!!! Authors who wish to take part, please contact me at for all the details. Readers - come ready to win some prizes and find out what hot books to buy for the holidays!!

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Okay, back to the land of the edits. Too bad there aren't any cuties around to distract me *sigh*


Estella said...

I would as for a trip to anywhere as long as he is naked. My what a hunky Santa!

Y said...

Hello Ms. Ann! How you doing?

I'm not much of a snow person either, but since it NEVER snows in Sydney, I'm right! Lol.

Sounds like you're as busy as ever, so it's good that you got some time off with your family during Thanksgiving.

I can't believe X-mas is around the corner again. My gosh! This year's gone by so quick!

Anyway, speak to you later and take care, okay?

Cathy said...

definitely a trip anywhere, as long as himself is naked

robynl said...

a week's worth of breakfasts/lunches/and dinners in bed - please and thank you!! Wow, Santa be mine.

Jenn on the Island said...

If you don't like snow, don't come to my house! I've been snowed in since Sunday!

We got over 2 feet of the crap on my island and though it's not cold, I really don't want to shovel the 100 yard long driveway. I'm rationing milk.

Since I'm trapped indoors, I wouldn't mind if he showed up to ... cook.

Tam said...

A trip to anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Definitely a trip anywhere as long as he stays nekkid!! LOL

Thanks for linking me!

With Love,
Tara M.