Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Proud Mama!

The last few days have been a whirlwind of activity! I think I'm almost recuperated here from my son's graduation and his all-night senior party.

The graduation was surreal in so many ways. To see my son walk up to receive his diploma and wearing his graduation as a writer I can't come up with the right words to express what I experienced. It's a day I thought about when I first found out I was pregnant. It's a day that always loomed as this incredible milestone. And it's a day that I also kept wanting to put off. Only because I'm not ready for my baby to grow up. I'm still not!

The graduation ceremony was lovely. Great inspirational speakers, their school choir sang beautifully, and it was entertaining to listen to the kids recount their four years of high school.

When my son's name was called to receive his diploma, I just clapped and whooped as loud as I could. Did I mention how proud I am? SUPER PROUD!!! It was also fun to see his friends graduate - everyone wearing their robes and big smiles, celebrating their very special day.

Afterwards it was home to change and off to the senior party. I volunteered to help out and I'm so glad I did! The facility where they had the party was incredible! They had it all decked out and there were so many activities for the kids to do. The school puts on these parties each year to keep the kids safe while they celebrate their momentous occasion.

Some of the activities they had set up included: a casino room, movie room, video games, inflatable bouncy room, rock climbing, laser tag, pool games in the indoor heated pool, races, yearbook signing area, and okay I can't remember them all because there was so much for them to do...and the food!!! WOW! These kids were well fed :) lol.

My son and his friends spent most of their time in the casino and he won some impressive prizes. The party lasted until 5:30am. Yeah, very long day. I slept most of yesterday away, lol.

So today I'm trying to get back on track here, but I'm still wearing the same proud mama smile even as I type this :)

WOO HOO to the class of 2011!

~Ann Cory

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