Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Fabulosity!

It's time for Friday Fabulosity!

Each Friday I plan to post about some fabulosity that I encountered during the week -whether it's wine, movies, food, books, favorite or new to me authors, and well-whatever strikes me as pretty fabulous. So, let's get fabulous!

I'm going to start things off by mentioning a fabulous book. Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I picked this book having heard some mere mention about it and found myself unable to put it down. Talk about being engrossed. The delicious tension and fast moving action. There were times when I did stop that I noticed how exhausted I was, as if I'd taken part in the games as well. You know a book is good when you feel like you're right there with the characters. Seriously, an incredible book!

Fabulous wine - a staple when it's in stock at our local wine shop. Colli Amerini 2006 from Umbria. Delicious with roast chicken, lamb, most red meats with an herb and garlic seasoning - especially barbecued, red pasta sauces, and of course white cheddar cheese. Honestly, if a wine doesn't pair well with white cheddar cheese I don't even bother. The price is more than reasonable. It's a lovely garnet color and the nose is a nice bouquet of spices. Slightly oaky taste but bold enough to stand up to bold meats. Mmmmmmm *clink*

Peppermint tea makes my morning a little something special - you know, besides seeing my handsome hubby's face. Three minutes brewing time and it's a cuppa paradise. Even tastes delicious cold, which with the weather starting to warm up will mean drinking it that way too.

Some more fabulous I encountered over the week included my son's prom. Talk about a dashing young man and his lovely young lady! Apparently they made such a lasting impression on an elderly couple dining at the same restaurant, that their dinner ended up comped.

My son is graduating this Monday - so I've been a fabulous mess. Yep, I'm such a mom. Can't seem to accept my baby is growing up. But he has grown into a fabulous young man and I look forward to being here for him whenever he needs me! Which probably won't be enough to my liking, lol.

Did you have a fabulous week? I'd love to hear what fabulousness you encountered! Please share!

~Ann Cory


N.J.Walters said...

Congrats to your son on graduating!

I just downloaded Hunger Games and am looking forward to reading it. And I couldn't start a day without my peppermint tea. :)

Jude Mason said...

Hi Ann,

It's been a pretty fabulous week for me too. I've managed to get nearly 6K written. That may not sound like a lot to some authors or readers, but for me right now, it's awesome!

Oh, and I got my 4 year old grand son for all of Wednesday afternoon. Hehehe! He's a real sweetie and loves squishes (hugs)

Have a wonderful weekend!


Ann Cory said...

Waves hi to N.J. :)

Oh I think you'll really enjoy the book - I had no idea it would be so good! I appreciate you stopping by hon and hope you have a fabulous weekend! *clinks cup of peppermint tea* :) WOO HOO!

Ann Cory said...

WOOT WOOT!! That's freakin' awesome Jude! 6K is to be proud of - way to go :) That's seriously fabulous and I'm so thrilled that you shared that!

Awwww, you enjoy that special time with your precious. Gotta love those sweet times.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend and YOU GO GIRL!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Once you read THE HUNGER GAMES, you'll rush on to read the next two books, which are equally fabulous.

It's a great series and a movie is coming. I know teens who are divided between Peeta and Gale, just as they were over Edward and Jacob.

Phoebe Conn said...

I didn't mean to post that as Anonymous.