Wednesday, September 13, 2006

It's been a little quiet around here

I'm so sorry I've been away - it's been one thing after another. I went to the dentist on Monday and spent all day yesterday still in pain and with migraines. Needless to say, I got very little done. I have terribly sensitive teeth, so any work done on them and I'm in bad shape for several days. Unfortunately, I have to go back on the 28th and have them finish up - grumbles. I did manage to clean and dust my desk, so it looks nice and the muse prefers an uncluttered work area.

Let's see - what's been going on around here. Oh! Egyptian Cotton is sitting at #11 on the Fictionwise Erotic Bestseller List, so that is nice news :) I also received 4 Hearts from Love Romances and More. You can read this review and other reviewers thoughts at my website here. This is one of my favorite stories, so I'm happy it's been doing well.

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My September Newsletter is now live. This month you'll find:
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Also I have a new contest up where you can win Romance in a Box! Who doesn't like a little seduction in their life? To be eligible for your own Romance in a Box, sign up for my newsletter. To double your chances of winning, send an email with "ROMANCE" in the subject line to The contest ends September 30th.

Details about Romance in a Box:
*4 oz. of Strawberry flavored edible massage oil
*1 oz. of honey powder
*2 Feather Ticklers
*4 oz. of Scented Foaming Bath Salts
All packaged in a classy gift box courtesy of myself and Nature's Treasures Online.

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For more details, click Here.

This week I'll be making a couple appearances with the lovely authors of Cobblestone Press. First off, on the 14th you can catch me from 6pm to 7pmEST at CataNetwork Readers Group, and then on the 15th I'll be talking it up at the Cobblestone Press Loop from 2-3pm EST. I'll be yapping it up about Butterfly Kisses and Breaking in Levi.

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Speaking of Butterfly Kisses, I received a new review from Romance Junkies - 4 Ribbons :) Here's part of what the reviewer, Deborah, had to say:
BUTTERFLY KISSES is an inspirational tale of love and acceptance that is gentle, yet passionate. Charlene and Bryan’s relationship is described intimately allowing the reader to understand the true significance of butterfly kisses. I felt this was a very moving story with believable characters and offered thought provoking moments and sexy little interludes.
You can read the full review Here.

It's been quiet around the house since my son's started back at school - I still have moments where I come out of the writing room and am sort of startled to not see him sitting in the chair playing PS2, or laying on the floor of his room surrounded by Pokemon cards. It's a little lonely.

What's up with movies? I look at what there is playing at the theater and I don't see much of anything. The Black Dahlia doesn't look too bad in the trailers, but I don't know. I've been disappointed all summer by what I have to choose from. My favorites of the past 4 months are Cars, Pirates 2, and Lady in the Water. I did see Talladega Nights, but I can't claim it to be a favorite - it had moments, but otherwise I was more embarrassed to have my son sitting next to me. I haven't even found many movies worth renting. Am I missing something good?

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Question of the Day: In my book Under a Warlock's Spell, the heroine shape-shifts into a bird to get to her loved one who has been captured by an evil warlock. If you were given the ability to shapeshift into a bird, what would you pick?
My answer: an owl
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Okay lovelies, thanks for stopping by, I need to get my son off to school. Have a great day!


Tara M. Leigh said...

I hate, hate, HATE the dentist!!! Sorry you had so much pain!

Congrats on the great review!

With Love,
Tara M.

Ann Cory said...

Thank you Tara :) I'm not a fan of dentists at all, not with all their scary instruments of torture, lol.

My mouth is feeling a bit better today, though still sensitive.

Thanks hon :) I hope your week is going well!!

Jenn on the Island said...

Ouch! Sorry to hear about the dentist. Just keep in ming it would only get worse if you didn't go! Personally, I lvoe having my teeth cleaned, but then I've got no cavities. (ducking quickly!)

Movies don't look promising lately. I read a book about the Black Dahlia, so I'll see the flick, but not 'til video. We don't have anyone around us who can watch the boy.

I would be a raven. Because the hero in my WIP is a shapeshifter raven and it would help me be in his head. Plus they make the coolest sounds...did you know they are part of the songbird family??

Ann Cory said...

Okay Jenn - you better duck after a comment like that, lol. I don't mind getting my teeth cleaned - but it's the other stuff I don't like. Fortunately I've only had 2 cavities in my life. What I'm not happy about is that I need to get 2 wisdom teeth pulled sometime in the next year.

Yeah, I don't know what's up with the movies. Christmas time seems to be when I most go to the movies now. They're just putting out a lot of crap - one stupid thing after another - and then those same ones come out at Blockbuster so then there's nothing to rent, lol.

I love ravens, they'd be my second choice :)

ywsmith said...

I seriously dislike dentists. I hope you are doing okay. So sorry that you have to go back on the 28th.

If I could shapeshift into a bird I think I would choose an owl or a falcon.


Stacy Dawn said...

I'm on the icky dentist liking list too.

Popping in to say hi, I know what you mean about busy. Hope you get a break to relax!

Zinnia said...

Congrats on the review, and boy, do you sound busy!