Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Now In Print - Handcuffs and Lace Vol. 2

I've been waiting for this one :) Now in print - Handcuffs and Lace Vol. 2 from Resplendence Publishing.

Included in this book is my story Primed Suspect.

Here's a rundown on the stories you'll find inside Handcuffs and Lace Volume 2, available now:

Handcuffs and Lies by Bronwyn Green: Undercover cop, Michael Tanner, promised his dying partner that he’d take care of the man’s sister. Tori Spinelli wants nothing to do with Michael—or any other cop. Forced in protective custody, she falls in love with Michael, but how can she trust a man who lies for a living?

Photo Finish by Kris Norris: Photo journalist, Paige Sommers, is determined to get digital proof and put Jason Tate—longtime arms dealer and her fiancĂ©’s murderer—away for good. But when her zoom lens reveals a familiar face, she’ll have to decide who to trust in a job that’s guaranteed to be a photo finish.

Cat and Mouse by Justine Elyot: For Layla, it’s a game. Scaling the highest buildings in her patch of East London so she can tag them with her signature takes her mind off the grim realities of her life. For police officer Adam, it’s an obsession. Ever since their first encounter ended in an unexpected kiss, he has burned to pursue and capture the light-footed Layla. But she knows her territory very well, and the chase proves both exhilarating and frustrating—until the game turns deadly serious, and Layla is forced to realize that she can’t rely on her own resources forever. Will Adam persuade her to step out of the shadows and take a chance on love with the man she has seen for so long as her nemesis.

And my story, Primed Suspect: Cassidy Valance is one part woman, one part Kitsune—a rare shape-shifting fox. She finds solace inside an estate, away from the hunters who have invaded her home in the forest. Officer Ian Valenti is assigned to investigate an abandoned estate after reports of unusual activity are called into the station. When he goes to inspect the house, he finds the suspect inside, naked and alluring. Ian’s instincts and years serving on the force tell him to cuff Cassidy and haul her in for breaking and entering. But she would rather he cuff her and treat her like the submissive she longs to be. With her restrained and primed, Ian brings Cassidy’s fantasies of a Master to life. And willingly lets down the guard around his heart.

Handcuffs and Lace Volume 2 is available at Amazon.

~Ann Cory

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