Monday, June 18, 2012

Blood of the Vines - New Excerpt

The first book in my Vampire Hunter trilogy – Blood of the Vines is available now at Liquid Silver Books as well as on Kindle.

Tracking ruthless bloodsuckers isn’t all bad, especially when there’s a man around that slays your heart.

New Excerpt –

“Easy there, beautiful.”

Regan blinked. She’d seen those eyes before. The hunky bartender. Why the hell hadn’t she heard him? Her senses weren’t nearly as sharp since she set foot into The Vines, and it unnerved her.

He removed his hand and stepped back. In his other hand, he held a garment bag. “I didn’t mean to frighten you. Care to explain what you’re doing in here?”

His magnetic touch lingered on her lips. “I-I’m just looking.”

“Well, I hate to be the one to tell you, but this isn’t a store. It’s the coatroom.”

Heat flooded her face. Did he think she was there to steal? “No, I realize that, I meant that I’m looking to leave my jacket here.” Why did her IQ drop around this guy?

“Ah, I see. Makes perfect sense to me.”

The clean scent of soap and a hint of mint aftershave lingered in the air. Realizing she was staring, Regan asked, “Why are you here?”

“Well, for starters I work here so I’m allowed. But the real reason I’m here has to do with you.”

She arched a brow. “How so?”

“The wine episode.”

Regan bit back a laugh. “Yes, I remember now.”

“You’d be amazed at how much of a mess the stuff can make. Anyhow, I just showered. I cleaned up better than the shirt. The stains will never wash out.”

She watched him push back a group of jackets and hang up the garment bag. Her mind wandered to how well he wore his tight black slacks. Equally impressive was the half-buttoned shirt that revealed his sleek, toned chest. Perfect for exploring.

With a mischievous smile, he walked behind her. “Allow me to hang this up for you.”

With ease, he slid her jacket off, his knuckles grazing her skin, and hung it up beside the garment bag.

“Um, thanks.” The level of distraction around him frustrated her. Somehow, he sucked all thoughts from her mind and replaced them with sexual fantasies.

Handsome came back around to face her and offered a dimpled grin. “Tell me, why aren’t you out there dancing? I’d think a woman with a body like yours must like to be the center of attention.”

She’d settle for his attention over anyone else. “Well, I plan to, but I had to use the ladies’ room, and then I got lost. Luckily, I found this room. It’s too hot on the dance floor for a jacket.”

His fingers trailed up the side of her arm. “Actually, I’d say you’re too hot with it off.”

She stood, transfixed by him.

“I’m Garrett Reynolds, by the way. It’s Regan, isn’t it? I overheard Selena mention your name.”

Her voice refused to cooperate so she nodded instead.

“Beautiful name. Warrior-like. Suits you.” The way he eyed her from head to toe made her shiver with desire.

He stepped forward. She wondered if the incessant drumming came from the music or her heart.

“I haven’t seen you around The Vines before,” he said huskily.” I’d remember you.”

She wet her lips. “I—uh, no, I’m new here.”

He leaned over her shoulder and brushed his lips against her earlobe. “Not many people even know about this place. What do you think of it?”

To think, with his breathy voice in her ear, didn’t prove possible. His cheek skimmed hers as he straightened.

“I like it.”

“I like that we have a quiet moment to talk.”

She managed a squeak, but nothing more.

He chuckled and her knees threatened to liquefy.

“I wouldn’t have thought of you as the silent type, but I seem to be doing most of the talking here.”

Typically, she had a sharp tongue and could outshine anyone in a verbal battle, but not with this guy. Not when he stood so close. Not when her body burned for his touch.

“You know, no one will come in here for hours.”

Regan thought of all the things they could do in a couple hours. Alone. Together. Worried that he could read her mind, she averted her gaze. What the hell was wrong with her? This wasn’t what she was asked here to do. She had a job to do and leather to buy. She didn’t know anything about Garrett, other than the fact she wanted to wrap her thighs around his waist and feel the delicious thrust of his cock inside her. He reached up and thumbed the rise of her cheek.

“You have beautiful eyes.”

Her pulse thudded.

“Do you mind if I kiss your luscious red lips?”

She tried to force herself to say yes, she did mind.

“No. I wish you would.”

Regan made a mental note to kick herself when she was alone. Where did her self-control go? What about her discipline and strict rules on not getting involved with the opposite sex while doing a job? What about the growing need to sink herself further into him?


He brought her chin up with his thumb and caressed her cheek with the back of his hand. “Your lips are going to haunt my dreams.”

Beads of sweat lined her forehead.

“You never did say. What brought you to The Vines?”

“I was ... thirsty.”

Try as she might, she couldn’t snap out of the fuck-me mode she was in. The heat between her thighs neared scorching. He leaned forward and licked the bow of her lips. All the blood from her face drained.

“Maybe I can help quench your thirst.”

Before she could attempt a protest, his mouth covered hers.

(copyright 2012)

Ann Cory


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