Friday, March 16, 2007

Secrets, charms, and wearing green

Hi to everyone :) Don't forget to wear some green tomorrow - or I'll be by to pinch you. *snicker snicker*. Well, at least I'll be tossing around pretty green clover confetti I bought from the craft store :)

Yesterday I started a new workout class called Group Hour of Power and I am soooooooo freaking sore I want to cry. It's all done with a weighted bar - lunges, squats, all muscles are worked...and all my muscles are screaming at me right now. The worst part is, I'll be going back on Tuesday for more torture. *sigh*

Secrets in the Annex has been receiving some awesome possum reviews! But seriously, if you like paranormal erotic romances, I do think you'll enjoy this :)

5 Lips from TwoLips Reviews
"Ms. Cory weaves elements of the paranormal and of historical social issues into the mix, tantalizing readers with glimpses beyond consensus reality." ~ Reviewer Frost

4.5 Stars from Just Erotic Romance Reviews
"...plot pulled me in and held me tightly until the very end. The paranormal twists and a bit of history is cleverly thrown in the midst of a normal present day story making it all the more appealing." Mahaira Fatima - Reviewer

4.5 Ribbons from Romance Junkies
"...a mixture of suspense, romance and tenderness...with that bit of something extra to make it stand apart from the rest." ~Zoe Knighton - Reviewer

Discover haunting Secrets in the Annex now at Liquid Silver Books

For a blurb and excerpt, click here:

I wanted to thank everyone who voted and supported me at the Love Romance & More Contest - Egyptian Cotton took away Best Paranormal 2006! I even received a pretty button for it:

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Thanks for your patience - my March Newsletter is now live! If you haven't signed up to get it - here's the link:

Inside this month's issue:

*Coming Soon - Next Floor Naughty
*Winner announcements
*New Contest announcement - Pirate Booty Contest
*Reader Interaction - poetry "April Showers"
*Sneak Peek excerpt of Next Floor Naughty
*Group information - Authors Who Dare, Amorous Authors, Moonglade Elite
*Book recommendations*Aphrodisiac recipe - Strawberry Brioche - yummers!

Oh - and be sure to have yourself some lucky charms this weekend:

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Stacy Dawn is always so good to everyone - be sure to check out these very awesome sites:

Divas Books Shelf:

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and Jump Start Promotions:

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So check them out when you get a chance! And of course check out her site:

Let's see - what else to share...OH I KNOW - a winner *BG* - that's always good to share! Okay, let's see...let me draw a name here...CONGRATULATIONS MISSY SUE!! Send me an email to anncory_erotica at with BLOG WIN in the subject line and your snail mail addy(for the book thong) and if you'd prefer Butterfly Kisses or Drinyian. *tosses confetti* Actually, I'm almost too sore to even toss confetti, lol

I better get to work here. Everyone have a fabulous weekend!

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~Ann Cory


robynl said...

Ann, go take a relaxing soak in the tub for your sore muscles.

Stacy Dawn said...

Thanks so much for the shout out, Ann! You're the best!

Why though does exercise have to hurt so much if its supposed to help...ugh. I second the soak in the tub LOL

Madison said...

Luckily, I remembered to wear green. :) Belated Happy St. Patty's Day. And early Happy April Fools. ;)

Phyllis said...

I love the look of your blog - Congratulations on your win - Love Romance & More Contest - Egyptian Cotton - Best Paranormal 2006. Hope the soreness is gone from the exercising. Keep those fantastic stories coming.

Rose Marie Wolf, Author said...

Saint Patrick's Day is fun, and so is April Fool's. Happy April Fool's Day!

Much Love Always,
Rose Marie Wolf

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Anonymous said...

Where art thou, Ann?

Stacie McClellan said...

Congrats on the upcoming release of Next Floor Naughty. Looking forward to it. Love the blog page. It's cool. But where have you been. Long time since your last post.