Saturday, May 05, 2012

Uncovering Egypt - Sweet Saturday Sample

Today I'm taking part in Sweet Saturday Samples. This sample comes from my book Uncovering Egypt

From her pocket, she took out a small pen flashlight and shone it inside the open space.

The object sparkled like a beautiful jewel. Unable to control herself, she reached inside and felt around until she grasped it. Fist tight, she made sure the object didn't get scratched as she pulled it out. Breath held, she uncurled her fingers. In her hands lay a beautiful bracelet made entirely of peridots. She'd read about the precious gemstones in Egyptian art books. They were also called chrysolites, and were considered the gems of the sun. Legend claimed they held the ability to clean and heal the heart.

Jasmine turned the bracelet with a delicate hand, in awe of its divine beauty. Against the paleness of her skin, she could fully appreciate its velvety appearance. It looked like something fit for a princess, or maybe even a queen. On her menial paychecks, she'd never be able to afford anything as extravagant.

With an envious sigh, she shone the flashlight back inside the wall for a final check, when the bracelet slid from her fingers and wrapped around her wrist.

What the? She blinked and brought her wrist up to her face. How in the hell did it fasten by itself? This wouldn't look good at all if she couldn't remove it. She didn't even know how it affixed itself on her in the first place, but who would believe that as an excuse? Sweat beaded on her brow and upper lip. In the soft light of the lantern, she tried to locate a catch of some sort.

Unable to find one, Jasmine gave the bracelet a cautious tug. Any harder and she risked damaging it. A whimper escaped her lips. Gods, she was in big trouble.

Footsteps shuffled behind her and she groaned inward, knowing it was Mason at the ready with one of his "I told you so" speeches. Yeah, he'd really get a kick out of this.

She turned with her wrist concealed behind her back, when all the breath left her lungs.

Uncovering Egypt is available at Amazon.

Enjoy your Saturday!

~Ann Cory


Savannah Chase said...

Ohh this sounds like a perfect read...

tmonique stephens said...

I love the description and details of the bracelet. Nice scene.

Elaine cantrell said...

I love anything set in ancient Egypt. Sounds great.

Sandra said...

I know a few people who could certainly use some chrysolites. Intriguing excerpt!

Ann Cory said...

Thank you so much for all the lovely compliments! Very much appreciated :) And thank you for stopping by!

Lindsay said...

Love the scene and I wonder who she turned to see.

J.L. Campbell said...

Hi, Ann, the page leads to Melting Iron. Couldn't find Uncovering Egypt.

Liv said...

Who'd she see?!
Lovely excerpt, Ann. Thanks!

Melisse Aires said...

Love Egypt settings--on my to buy list now. Lovely cover too!